Visual Memory Bank

I joined Facebook on 19th October 2008. Up till 31st March 2014, I had about 80 Notes, 200 Albums, and 90 Videos. When I took the decision to be less active on my Facebook account and take down everything I had up there, I realised erasing my content from Facebook would be a tedious process. Luckily, I found an app called “Album Downloader for Facebook” from the Chrome Web Store. For most of it, I managed to use the app. For albums such as Mobile Uploads or Timeline photos, I had to delete the photos individually. As of 2nd April 2014, I chose to leave about 5 (recent) Albums and 5 (public) Notes.

I spent about two days downloading the personal albums and transferring them to either Dropbox or Google Drive. What I chose to put on Flickr are photos from 2012 onwards from the events and places I visited in Singapore as well as workshops and touristic places I went to when I had the opportunity to travel overseas. You may find links to these pictures in the “Slices of Singapore” and “Overseas Travels” tabs. To be honest, I was annoyed when I could not automatically copy paste the captions that were accompanying the pictures on Facebook. Nonetheless I hope just by looking at the pictures itself, I am still able to recall the wonderful memories I have had the past few years.


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