From My Emails

Sieving useful information from the email.
Date of event/ email, Venue, Title, Downloadable PDFs.

26 April, 4 May, 24 May
SMU Admin Building
Conversations on Sustainable Singapore- Energy, Waste, Food
Reading Materials for Participants: Conversations on Sustainable Singapore – Reading Material

24 April 2014
NTUC Centre
Youth Dialogue on Climate Change
Reading Materials for participants: Youth Dialogue on Climate Change_Background Brief (24 April 2014)
To be uploaded: Slides on
– “The Durban Platform: Getting to Lima & Paris”  by Mel Low
– “Adaptation in the UNFCCC & IPCC Working Group 2 Major Findings” by Sandeep Rai
-NCCS 2013 Public Perception Survey Findings by Sai Kuan

19 Mar 2014
Just email
PM.Haze’s Feedback to draft Transboundary Haze Pollution Bill
Feedback: PM.Haze_HazeBillFeedback_Final

3 Mar 2014
SMU Building
ENVision Dialogue Session for NGO
Reading Material for Participants: ENVision – Let’s Imagine Our Environment Vision (Final)

24 Feb 2014
Just email
Budget for FY2014 in Brief for our Friends and Partners who attended the MEWR Pre-COS Consultation Sessions
Brief: Budget 2014 in Brief

7 Feb 2014
MEWR Building
 Pre-COS Consultation Session on Water
Report: Summary Report for MEWR Pre-COS Consultation Session on Clean Water_final

22 Jan 2014
MEWR Building
MEWR Pre-COS Consultation Session on Clean Air
Report: Summary Report for MEWR Pre-COS Consultation Session on Clean Air_final

14 Aug 2013
Singapore Poly
Our SG Conversation for the Green Community which happened on 19 Jan 2013.
Report: Our-SG-Conversation-for-the-Green-Community

29 Jul 2013
NTUC Centre
Uncloaking the Haze
Summary: Summary -Uncloaking the Haze, collated by Ezra
Presentation: UncloakingTheHaze-DrJacksonEwing
Presentation: UncloakingTheHaze-TanYiHan
Link to Youtube, edited by Pei Li and Peixin

25 Apr 2013
NTUC Centre
Our Singapore Conversation- Labour Movement Series, which happened on 27th Nov 2012
Slides: OSC Slides for 27 Nov Media Townhall (FINAL)

25 Apr 2013
Just email
Dengue Prevention Materials by NEA
Materials: ComicDengue Prevention – For Corporate UsePoster.

9 Jan 2013
NTUC Centre
Our Singapore Conversation on Green Spaces which happened on 30 Nov  2012.
Report: Our Singapore Conversation on Green Spaces 

14 Nov 2012
NTUC Centre
CC-101 Workshop: Basics to International Climate Change Negotiation
Presentation: The Politics of Climate Change: Controversies, Sticking Points and Potential Ways Forward by Dr. Jackson Ewing
Presentation: CC101 Introduction to the UNFCCC and KP_14 Nov 2012 NTUC 350.ppt by Melissa Low



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