Singapore-based Groups I Support

Singapore is quite a happening place. Attending the different events past few years have led me to meet many passionate individuals who are running or involved with various wonderful groups/ organisations/ communities. Do check out their respective websites to learn more about them and what they are doing! PS: If the groups are already in the “Singapore’s Green Community” tab or “Volunteering in Singapore” tab, chances are, they won’t be listed here. Also.. this list is not exhaustive- I went through 1.6K Facebook friends and 1.9K Facebook likes and managed to pick out this before I thought this is a good list for now.

In alphabetical order:



What: We are a team of developers, marketers and social engagement strategists that together, offer over 10 years of online experience in these fields. We love to work with anyone eager to learn how to engage the web and spark conversations with their audience.



What: 7 KICKstart BREWiches is a 100% Singaporean-owned, multi-cultural establishment here to make a COFFEE-mark in this tiny island nation together with locally-owned partnerships. Pleeeze extend your kind support to our COFFEE-cause…our COFFEElicious F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!



What: At Bamboobee, our designs fuse art and function together in expertly crafted works of beauty. One of our first products is our bicycle, which is a perfect match for those who appreciate the iconic inspiration that nature provides, as well as unique design and high attention to detail.


Books & Beer

What: Books & Beer is essentially a travelling book swap, with an ice-cold twist! We approach different venues to host us for 3 hours at a time for the exchange to take place. Books & Beer is entirely non-profit, just conjured out of friendship and fun, a love for books and drinks, and to raise awareness about sharing and recycling



What: A non-profit organization steadfast in actualizing the dream of Bridging Differences through the joy and beauty of circus arts.


Cans Can Be Beautiful

What: Aluminum Drink Cans Accessories / Jewelry. Corporate Recycle work shop and Personal recycle workshop for adult or Kids



What: Carousell is Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest growing mobile-first C2C marketplace, and an iPhone and Android app that makes selling as simple as taking a photo. Over 2 million listings have been created on Carousell, with more than 500,000 items transacted. Popular items are high street fashion, beauty products and lifestyle gadgets. Carousell is ranked Singapore’s No.1 Lifestyle App and also No.1 Made in Singapore App. Backed by leading international VCs Rakuten, 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures and QuestVC, the Carousell mission is to build the simplest e-commerce experience to inspire millions worldwide to start selling.


Eighteen Chefs

What: We wish to spread Benny’s story of experience, strength and hope to inspire troubled youths and people with conviction backgrounds to find alternative positive ways to reintegrate back into society. ..We have worked with other social agencies both locally and regionally to help create this awareness and to provide a platform for these group of people to realize their talents in the Food & Beverage industry.


Engineers Without Borders Asia

What: EWB Asia is a Singapore-based non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged communities by improving their quality of life through sustainable engineering solutions.


Gone Adventurin’

What: We help companies and brands make sustainability and social responsibility part of their business model, by creating projects that help companies get business returns as well as impact society.  We create adventures which connect employees and customers of the company to the communities in which they are making an impact. We capture these authentic stories into inspiring film and media content, to create a movement on- and offline.


Green Issues by Agy

What: This blog is all about my green thoughts, DIY recycling, and upcycling aka refashioning. I’ve been refashioning loads and turning anything I can into something new and hip. I share my passion through workshops and talks too.


Green Basikal Singapore

What: Bicycle accessories for the commuter, tourer and children. Bicycle child seats, innovative bottle cages, commuting/touring bike bags and trailers.


Happy People Helping People

What: Happy People Helping People is a not-for-profit foundation run by a collective of like-minded (you guessed it) happy people with an aim for helping others. To remind ourselves about the existence of the poor in this world that lacks even the most basic necessities such as, shelter, food, water and basic healthcare. To reach out to these people and provide assistance. To recruit more help.


Heartwork Educates

What: Heartwork Educates LLP is a small training and consultancy outfit that specialises in character, leadership, values and community education. We believe in the potential of every person to learn, grow,develop and love.


Joy-Care Leadership

What: To bring Joy and Care to the workplace and home as leadership, parenthood tools to fortify cultures of organisations and family lives.


Little India Directory

What: Little India  Directory, your one stop directory for all things hot, hip and happening in the Indian community in Singapore! The website for small business owners, expatriates, tourists and the Indian Community to share, find and review all the desi places in Singapore.


OnHand Agrarian

What: Agrarian is being designed and built to raise and harvest seafood more efficiently, cheaply, humanely, cleanly and profitably than anything we’ve done previously. ..Any aquaculture company must respect the fact that when you grow fish, you accidentally grow hundreds of other animals as well. At Agrarian, we take advantage of that fact and use it to grow crabs, prawns, lobsters, oysters, mussels, clams and seaweed along with our fish. All at the same cost it would take our competitors just grow just one of those.


People’s Movement to Stop Haze

What: PM.Haze aims to harness the power of people in Singapore, in collaboration with partners around the world, to stop transboundary haze pollution by 2023. In doing so, we also hope to demonstrate that ordinary people can overcome extraordinary challenges if we work together.



What: We bring together adventure, lifestyle and education to promote greater understanding of the journey to become happier and healthier.


Stay in Touch with Veronica- ENJO Singapore

What: Create your own chemical free zone. Make your home a chemical free zone – with ENJO – for you and your family. Not only will you benefit by having a healthy and cleaner home, but so will the environment.


The Blue Pocket

What: Choose from the beautiful selection of gifts. Each handmade with quality materials and much love! Our mission is to provide you with fascinating gifts at affordable prices. In here, we provide you gifts that are innovative, practical, clever, or eco-friendly.


The Dorsal Effect

What: Shark conservation and sustainable income for shark fishermen in Lombok through ecotourism. Social cause: to stop the supply side of the shark finning trade and provide sustainable alternative income for shark fishermen.


The Gift Xchange

What: Present shoppers with a range of socially-conscious products so that as they can feel good and do good as they shop. Promote local creative talents. Offer shoppers greater variety by bringing in a selection of handmade items from overseas creative talents.


The Leafmonkey Workshop

What: The Leafmonkey Workshop organizes workshops and provide a platform for networking, learning, sharing and doing for nature groups, nature volunteers and nature lovers.


The Photo Thing

What: What happens when we collect photographs from the public, print them on cards, and organise an exhibition showcasing these pictures? What if you’re allowed to explore these photocards and take photographs of the ones that you like? What photos will we find in your photos, and what caption will you give them?


The Psalms

What: The Psalms is a band formed in Singapore, circa 2006. Initially, the band dabbled in music influenced by Daughters (US) and The Locust (US) with much exploration in discordance or dissonance with objectives aimed at defining and redefining music.


Tree in Lodge

What: Green backpackers hostel, Bike friendly hostel, Responsible travel, By backpackers for Backpackers who care.


Yarn Bombing Singapore

What: We are gathering a group of crafters to knit & crochet pieces of items to yarnbomb the Singapore Mini Maker Faire.



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