Considering the experience I have volunteering, interning and working in the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and volunteer welfare organisations (VWOs) scene in Singapore from 2008 to 2014, it is only natural I have a list of organisations I would like to keep myself updated with, or would like others to know about.

Check out the four tabs

  1. Volunteering in Singapore
    if you are looking out for organisations you can contribute time and energy at. 
  2. Singapore-based Groups I Support
    check out some formal and informal groups- food, adventure, social enterprises etc.
  3. Singapore’s Green Community
    singapore is a small place and everyone is interconnected.
  4. Useful Reading Materials
    + From MEWR
    + From my Emails
    public materials from MEWR website, or my Emails where I get some reports and presentations.

Perhaps you might get some useful information. Or perhaps find room for collaborations with some of the organisations mentioned!



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