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 (As at August 30, 2017)

Participant U.S. – ASEAN Women’s Leadership Academy for Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia

United States Mission to ASEAN

Oct 2016
 One of the 4 women nominated from Singapore.

One of the 40 ASEAN women who attended the week-long programme.

NEA EcoFriend Awards 2016

National Environment Agency

Sep 2016
One of the 9 recipients of this year’s NEA EcoFriend Awards 2016.

One of the 3 recipients in the Youth & Students category.

Esprit de Corps Award (Group)

Young NTUC

Dec 2014
This award aims to recognise groups who showcase strong commitment to the Labour Movement and Young NTUC by actively engaging their youth members through organizing regular activities in the year. With the above award description, TYN 350 Singapore has been awarded based on the most number of Young NTUC seed-funded activities organized to engage youth members among all the Team Young NTUC Affinity groups in 2014.
Youth Action Award (Individual)

Young NTUC

Dec 2014
This award aims to recognise outstanding individuals who are strong advocates for meaningful causes and are able to inspire others to “Do More” for the community. Starting out as an active volunteer to leading a team of like-minded volunteers, Lastrina’s passion to do more for the environment gets stronger by the day. Since 2012, she has been actively taking the lead to coordinate efforts for Team Young NTUC 350 Singapore to reach out to youths and Singaporeans. Lastrina joinedNTUC as a union member the moment she started her first job after graduation. A core motivation was her belief that she could do more through Young NTUC. In 2014 alone, she has led 1 youth dialogue on climate change and 3 environmental documentary screenings as part of the eco outreach for RUN 350. In order to gather more youths with ideas to change the world for the better, Lastrina and her team successfully organised a 2 days workshop called Singapore Power Shift, attended by both local and regional participants. Through the above ground-up initiatives, Lastrina has reached out to 214 youths and engaged 15 core team of volunteers who advocate for environment sustainability. Lastrina has been involved in regional environmental work, establishing networks with fellow activists for support and ideas. To take it to the next level, she applied for and got selected as one of the candidates to be part of the Singapore youth delegation to attend the highest level of international environmental negotiations, the meeting of the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP 20) which is held at Lima, Peru in 2014.

Lastrina is a strong Young NTUC Activist who firmly believes that youths are a key stakeholder in the creation of a sustainable environment to benefit our future generations. She walks the talk and hopefully through her advocacy efforts, she can inspire more youth to come forward to contribute to more impactful changes.

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