“How is it going?”

Reflections from Google Calendar


I was looking through my Google Calendar and skimming through what I did in February, and realised there was a lot of 1-to-1 meetups
    • Trying to piece things together. There’s just lots of patience, and hope, that this big jigsaw puzzle will materialise March onwards.
    • Talking to different people and hearing the same things being brought up. I get tired hearing the same things.
    • Talking to different people and hearing different perspectives. There’s a bit of angst in me when I see someone so firm or defensive. I think they feel the see the larger picture. But that also means I fail to see their side of the story. Or maybe I do. But I can’t empathise with it.
There are days where I hop around going to 3-5 locations. I’ll purposely pack my day so that I’ll be out and save on transport cost. Sometimes things just work out, and the meetups happen to be on that same day. Luckily. And good luck- days are those days, like the one I had on last Saturday where lunch, tea, and dinner was paid for by the other person.




I know there were periods last two years where I felt burnt out. So this year, I started taking breaks. Breaks meaning, a week in a month where I focus on myself, put an auto-emailer to say I’m away, I don’t feel obliged to respond to Whatsapps, and avoid events and meeting people as much as I can. And it has been helpful.
I did-
Jan: Mon 15 Jan to Mon 22 Jan
Feb: Tue 13 Feb to Tue 20 Feb
And now doing-

Mar: Sat 10 Mar to Sat 17 Mar


I feel better communicating with people 1-to-1 or just in small groups. I feel more productive interacting with people who have initiative, or put themselves in charge of something.
Recently, I’ve become a bit of a cycnic when I look at the #LepakInSG calendar. There’s so many events going on in Singapore. There’s so many big youth events happening. How many people know of, or go for those events. What change are we creating? What change am I creating?
“Should I cease to exist tomorrow, does it make any difference?” Does it make any difference if I’m here in Singapore, or elsewhere. Is this all there is to what I can do?


A follow up from the January post:
  • The book reading club is still happening, co-organise by SYCA and #LepakInSG. I stated we would be launching the Google Form in February. And the reading sessions (yet to be named) will be happening on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from March to July. There has been a delay, and the call out will be happening in March, with the reading happening every other week from April to June.
  • The community meetup that we wanted to do the week of February 26 to March 2, is now happening on Friday 9 March instead. Info and registration here bit.ly/2BF5mep The past week we opened up the form there has been 30 sign ups already. The form will be up for a few more days.



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