January baby

Possibly to be updated next few weeks.


This birthday card arrived on 6 Jan 2018.

3 years since I left 350 Singapore, and still receiving birthday cards from the Young NTUC family.

Thank you for taking me in back then, and contributing to my growth.


Went to the Carnival instead of the 100km trek. Bruhhhhhhh.


8 Jan.

Today, my Mum would have been 57 year old.

SYCA had two interviews; one with Lianhe Zaobao, and the other with Youth.sg. The interview questions were different for both. And they were good reflection points for SYCA at this stage right now.


10 Jan

I attended a few events today. And somehow Depression was a common thread across all.

Bernice came back from Tokyo recently and passed me this Happy Meal toy.


12 Jan

It’s K’s birthday today, and I don’t know where he is.

The last time I saw him in person was possibly on 5 Nov when he dropped by CGS fair. Before that he went missing too, and it was by chance I met him on 3 Sep.

I have friends who appear normal in public, but they’re down with various problems. At least I know they’re alive. I don’t know where K is.

And this was the person who was with me when I had to handle shit during my early volunteering years. And who introduced me to Bangkok among other things.

Happy birthday K.


15 Jan to 22 Jan Vacation Responder

Although.. I realise I wrote Mon 23 Jan for this. Heh.


17 Jan

Went cycling roughly 16 km on a Mobike. Not continuous, but still, an achievement considering I’ve not been exercising. Haha.

I’ve been cycling on and off since 29 Dec.


19 Jan

Happy birthday to me!

And I believe in Friday’s being good days, and today it shall be a good day.

Someone from Canada looked through everything quickly. Hi.


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