19 Jan 1989 and Numerology

The other day, I met up with Jen, Tien, and Timmy for dinner.

Among others, I shared what Brenda told me at the Tarot Card reading session, and that it felt aligned with what the two guys at SRRFM read about me.

Jenn shared more stuff about my Life Path and my Birth Date, and I can’t help but resonate with the description.


Calculate Your Life Path https://www.tokenrock.com/numerology/life_path/

Just use the calculator, it’s easier.

Mine is 11.


More about Life Path 11/2 http://astrostyle.com/numerology/master-number-11-2/


More about Life Path http://veastrology.com/lifepath11.html

I kept going “yes yes yes” on this one.


Birth Date 19 http://www.karmakastle.com/Number19.html


And a good reminder by Jen: It’s what you’re born with. Not your destiny!


From the book Star Signs by Linda Goodman.

Since my Birth Date is 19 And my Name Number is 21.


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