Mama’s 1 year.


8 Jan 1961. 1.45pm.

7 Dec 2016. 8.27pm.


19 Jan 1989. 12.28pm.


It’s 7 Dec 2017 today.

So many things have happened since, I don’t know where to start.

The advocacy stuff is mostly on Facebook.

Personal stuff is verbalized to some friends.


On 3 Dec on Facebook I wrote:

Roughly two weeks ago at a workshop, the speaker was quoting someone else: When the line between work and passion crumbles, only then is life more meaningful.

Last Thursday at Green Drinks I had a Tarot Card reading done, and Brenda shared next year will be a busy year for me (among many things; like.. Lastrina you have a strong character, and will do well in non-commercial spaces.. You’re creative, and I don’t know what or how, you need to explore that. And that I had a life changing moment past two years and my next milestone is in the year 2025.. And like.. I need to go meditate or pray to my God. And all this was said without me sharing anything). Brenda also asked me to pick one of two decks, and from there she selected a card for me; the Speaker card came up- my life’s purpose is to speak. (And on this note; after getting 2 readings done at Singapore Really Really Free Market previously, and getting the Hathor card during the ‘meditation’ session with Ms. Faizah, I really think there is some truth to all these readings, vibes, and Universe thing).

Today in the ferry back to Singapore, Janvie says: You know, we’re never really busy. It’s just that our schedule is fully booked.

👩‍🎤 rocking things out as long as I can 👨‍🎤


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