How Lastrina’s brain works.

According to Emergenetics in Aug 2012

(Yellow Conceptual 18%,  Red Social 32%, Green Structural 40%, Blue Analytical 10%)


September 2013: In a school assignment.
My MBTI was a ISFP/ISFJ, with equal weight age for P and J.

January 2016: Did a 16Personalities Test.
Your personality type: “The Adventurer”(ISFP-A)
Strength of individual traits: Introverted: 53%, Observant: 63%, Feeling: 61%, Prospecting: 69%, Assertive: 62%.
Role: Explorer
Strategy: Confident Individualism

June 2017: Did a Personality Hacker test.
Concluded as an ISFJ personality.

What does everything put together even mean?


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