Fun Stuff in Dec 2017

Update. Because. Update.

Facebook is still the best. For advocacy related stuff.

Singapore Youth for Climate Action and #LepakInSG in the news

My SYCA team mate Pamela who is also quoted in the article has a project on going disposables-free in schools that she will be implementing in January 2018. Pamela has achieved some small wins already, and if you know a school or organisation who wishes to be a part of this, contact Pamela directly at XXX

Public Events related to SYCA, #LepakInSG, or Lastrina in general

  • End November to Early December:

SYCA intends to collect feedback from the public for the Public Consultation Paper for Draft Carbon Pricing Bill

Technically, anyone can submit feedback online on the REACH website.

SYCA intends to consolidate views from members from the public who may prefer to do it as a collective.

Over the next few days, do look out for updates on the SYCA FB page for a Google form where you can give this feedback.

SYCA members will also be be attending the Green Drinks Anniversary X on Thu 30 Nov evening, to have conversations with those who wish to chat more.

Jeremy is co-leading this with Cuifen, and should you have questions, you can contact Jeremy directly at XXX

I’m organising this as part of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) #YOUnified week. Free event open to all.

Am featuring 5 speakers under 25 sharing on what actions they’re doing for the environment. The speakers are young. If you are young, old, and any age at heart, just come.

I’ll also be giving updates from my YSEALI regional project, which was ‘birthed’ in Manila last month.

I’m organising this as part of GUILD. Look out for the Peatix registration page soon!

3 out of 4 speakers are more in the humanitarian sector, and our last speaker is a socio-political activist.

When #LepakInSG first started, we only had the online calendar.

Over the past two years, we expanded the team. There’s a team organising the Shopping for Sustainability tour series, and now there is another team organising the IYOR outreach workshops. Our young volunteers are really taking ownership of their projects. Come for the event and see what they are doing.

My Co-Founder Xiang Tian is the overall coordinator for these projects and he can be contacted at XXX

For green events in Singapore in general, check out

You can add in your own events too. Auto-publish within 15 minutes


If you’re free and interested, do join in these events? Would love to see you there. Feel free to share these public events with your friends too!

And on this note, I hope you begin to wrap up your 2017 with much drive and fulfillment too.


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