owl day

today a close friend told me that when he sent me the text: how is Philippines (i was there 17-22 oct), he was actually on the verge of committing suicide.

long story short, the regular me as per usual did not reply to a ‘how are you’ or ‘how is’ message, and the regular him knew he wasnt going to get a reply.

and of course long story short he is still alive. and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. among many things. and i found out only cos we met face to face.

just had this thought of the many things that could go wrong with the many times i leave such texts hanging.


on a separate note, this website, well at least the blog portion, is becoming a sad place. i think.

the regular environment/ advocacy posts are always up on facebook. i recently made the conscious effort to make those public.

the one-liners are on twitter. i prefer to speak to myself there too.


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