Not sure why the title is “Sparrow” (for now). It’s a word which has been on my mind for the past weeks. Tonight I searched for the symbolic meaning behind the word and found this. And I haven’t figured out what to make out of it yet.

And since I’m on this topic of ‘symbolism’, for the record, I had two readings done recently. One was a tarot card reading, and the other was a calculation based on my birth date. I know my religion tells me I am not supposed to believe in such things and predictions and such, but me being me, I did it anyway, and I can’t help thinking how accurate the interpretation was (in relation to what was already going on with my life).


I have been a bit too active on Facebook and using it more as a discussion platform, and I’m not sure how I want to continue using Facebook.


Last weekend I called out for a meetup to chat about some green collaboration stuff, and that happened earlier today. I realised I forgot Hari Raya was tomorrow and people will either be busy or away for the long weekend. And then I realised I wasn’t thinking about Hari Raya last weekend because it was something I just did not think about. I know my married sister was baking cookies the past week. But that’s about it. I didn’t bother buying new clothes or do anything special. Dad said he was not in the mood to celebrate Raya this year. The other sister and brother got clothes and nada. Nothing else happened. Yesterday while I was texting my paternal uncle I said I didn’t bake anything, and tonight I found myself collecting 2 cakes, 3 bottles of cookies, and 2 packets of crackers from my paternal grandma. She even threw in 8 long dresses for me to choose from, and I ended up picking 2 for my sister and 2 for myself. Earlier in the day my sister found some clothes in my Mum’s wardrobe (for some reason, both of us have not seen the particular items we picked out), and if it goes as planned, we’ll wear that tomorrow. Tomorrow, Dad said he’ll go “ambil Mak” / “pick up Mum” first before proceeding to our regular Raya outings (we usually do 8 houses on the first day). I guess there’s always a first time for everything.

Selamat Hari Raya.


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