Apr + May 2017

I thought I’d wait till end June and do a 2nd Quarter 2017 wrap-up. But I think lots of things happened since 26 March, that it’s time to record them down.

In the past two months I have:

  • Sort of started a ‘try-to-cook’ days. Think fluffy pancakes, and failed Churros that looked like pieces of poop. I can cook good Nasi Goreng and Telor Masak Kicap though.
  • Went to Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia, with my youngest sister, 27 Mar to 2 Apr. Photos on Flickr here.
  • SYCA hosted a water-talk.
  • Joined a ‘how to pray as beautiful as the prophet’ class, every Thursdays in April.
  • Went for a music event each weekend
  • Joined a breathing workshop and cried.
  • SYCA had a community brunch meetup.
  • Participated in a social media contest and won 3rd prize. Watch the clip here. As at 31 May 2017,  the clip has received more than 4500 views and 43 shares.
  • Went to Sungai Tohor with People’s Movement to Stop Haze, 10 to 21 May. Photos on Flickr here.
    • Joined as a participant to build the canal-block. Ended up as a photographer most days.  And social-media updates person. Sprained my ankle real bad on the 4th last day. Met the most beautiful community.  Some of my personal posts can be seen on my personal FB page still as they are ‘public’ for now.
  • Came back to Singapore and found myself sitting in at some meeting. Luckily I had things to say.
  • Found my TEDxNUS talk back in March published. View it here.
  • Went on a 3 hour mangrove kayaking trip at Pulau Ubin. Sort of a replacement for the sunset kayak trip I organised but ended up not being able to go because I decided to go for the longer Sungai Tohor trip.

Too much words to describe my experiences.

June awaits.


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