To Have A Love As Strong As Yours

Saturday. 19 December 1987. 6.05pm.


Today would have been their 29th wedding anniversary.

I think I realised quite late how well my parents brought us up. 4 very different individuals who would stretch their patience differently. They still love us all the same.

I feel my parents also set the benchmark quite high, in terms of their length of relationship, and in terms of the love they have for each other and for us. While father was the main sole breadwinner, mama would be the main caretaker. In the past three years she had cancer, father tried all means to help her. In the last few weeks especially, he stayed up all (if not, most nights) taking care of her. For me, mama even delayed one of her chemo session a day later so she could attend the NEA awards ceremony. She even sent me off to the airport, even when she had difficulties breathing.

I see older female cousins divorcing, friends getting married and divorced. I think it subconsciously made me more choosy or careful the last 7 years, and that is why I was disappointed with myself for the choices I made recently. I had second thoughts and withdrew again- only this time, I couldn’t really feel anything.

“To have a love as strong as yours” – I still have lots more to learn.




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