drowned in thoughts

Image Source: http://rebloggy.com/post/drawing-art-girl-sleep-drowning-draw-bed-want-thoughts-long-sleeping-heavy-drown/27584165233

Finding money for COP22. I need a gold mine.

Building up SYCA. Managing expectations and relationships.

Worrying how the turn out for #LepakInSG events will be 13 and 17 Sept.

Need to sit down and think about #EatWithHandsInSG properly and submit application by 24 Sept.

Materials for Post-Museum climate change working group 29 Sept. I guess it being the last session gives that unintentional pressure of ending discussions on a good note. (Or it may be 22nd depending on another person).

Materials for SYCA sharing at YCS on 30th Sept.

September is just full of deadlines.

Replying to friends on Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Emails, in person.

Family. Mother.

Me. My personality. My socially selective behaviour. Keeping my distance to keep myself focused.

What am I doing October onwards? How will things change?

“I just want to drown all my thoughts in a long & heavy slumber.”

My Facebook updates on the other hand, is all happy preppy.

Today was actually a good day out until that last hour where I realised I was allowing myself to be distracted. I mean. How rare can I get (willingly?) distracted? How controlled can I be if I want to stay focused?


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