Gratitude in August

Although yes technically it’s 30 August now, around 7am, and there’s still 31 August..

This is me writing after a good 11 hours of sleep time. Which is probably also the number of hours I slept in total the previous 3 days. Ha. Ha.

I’ve lost count the number of hours I’ve spent on SYCA and #LepakInSG this month, either on emails, online discussions or meetups. I’ve beginning to lose count the number of hours I’m spending on #EatWithHandsInSG, although yes I track the number of times I meet Benjamin and chances are we talk about that or PM. Haze in general. I’ve lost count the number of days I spent with mum this month, although I know it is more than any other months.

Not that I value my projects and friendships/ relationships by the number of hours I am on them, but numeric values is a good reminder of how much time and energy I spend on something, and a good reminder of how much time I have left.

I’m pretty sure I tweeted about this before, can’t recall if I have it on this blog. Flo did a Life Visualiser. Given that I am born on January 19, 1989, and assuming a life expectancy of 85 years, I have lived 10 085 days already and have 20 961 days left to live. Which is not a lot. I mean. The assumption that I will live till 85 is already an ambitious goal, who knows what might happen tomorrow. Haha. And therefore there is a need to constantly evaluate life and re-prioritise what I want to do in life.

This month in particular, I suddenly had so many meetup with friends, mostly over food, and not counting events

2/8 Ryal, Alyssa, Chia Chia

6/8 Cheryl

10/8 Ben*, Lucie*, Xiang Tian // Seeto, Dot, Cheryl, Xiang Tian

11/8 Ben*, Zhang Wen, Eugene // Ryan

12/8 Ben, Zhang Wen, Yi Han, Xiang Tian, Chevonne

13/8 Ben (Technically my first #LaksaInSG)

14/8 Cheryl, Juria, Pamela (My 2nd #LaksaInSG)

17/8 Cheryl

20/8 Cheryl, Siang Yu (This was also the SSN Conference, and technically I met over 30 green friends.. and we had lunch buffet. Hah).

21/8 Jiro and Ja Mai (The Philippines and Burmese girls I met in Myanmar Feb 2015)

23/8 Ben, Yi Han, Aurelie // Faeza*

24/8 Ria* (My 3rd #LaksaInSG)

27/8 Timothy*, Cheryl

29/8 Lena*

30/8 Lian* // Jinee // Nora*

31/8 Siang Yu, Juliana (I can’t wait for tomorrow. We went to COP20 in Peru together, supported each other in APS 2015, and then I briefly met Juls again at COP21 in Paris).

And then of course there’s food with Mum and Dad, and with Kak Comel.

I’ve a thing with food. LJ does that too when I’m out with her, and I’ve known her since 2013/2014. And Yi Han since 2011.

And then there’s Harish and Alga 2012/2013, that’s another story altogether, and I need to wrap it up soon.

It’s September soon.

SYCA- Prep work for COP22 will be on high-mode.

#LepakInSG- Lookout for our next hangout session.. on Sun 17 Sept! This time involving Pokemon Go.

Technically there’s still 2 more sessions to the NTU CCA Haze lab project on 10 and 24 Sept.

The Post-Museum climate change working group happening on 8, 15, 22, 29 Sept. I’ll probably share my 22nd Sept session end of the month.

Less than 5 dinner meetups to look forward to in Sept + Can’t wait (still working this out) for a visit to Indonesia soon~


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