SYCA-LLP, Partners, and post-grad activities. Get involved with the Singapore green community!

I’ve been so active on Twitter the past month I don’t really know what to record in this blog, but I thought I could share a bit of the SYCA LLP wrap up which we had on Saturday 16th July.

Singapore Youth for Climate Action’s Learning and Leadership Program wrap up

SYCA LLP Grad Group Pic

SYCA LLP Graduation Group Picture taken on 16th July 2016

It has been a journey since we had our first module on 5th March.

At this point, what we want to focus on is the post-LLP activities that our Aspirants can be involved in.

We had asked out project partners to share with us what they need support in, and we consolidated quite a good list. And I thought this list is something useful that can be shared with more people.

Here’s a brief overview of what the SYCA-LLP project partners have and need support in. I have hyperlinked the organisation names to the respective Facebook pages (or websites). If anyone is interested to support these groups, do get in touch with them directly!

SYCA-LLP Project Partners. Who they are and what kind of support they need:

Well.. first and foremost, get connected with the SYCA Team and its Co-Founders (the other stuff that we do)!

  • Singapore Youth for Climate Action Team
    + Looking for more people to join the broader SYCA community, to help with social media campaigns, and giving talks to schools. Right now Cuifen, Melissa and I are handling this and we need more help.
    + Co-organising the next LLP program. We had a good run in 2016 and received a number of positive feedback.

  • Cuifen and Foodscape Collective
    + Researching on stories from local food growers and share via online and offline platforms
    + Organising food workshops at community events, be part of the team that does outreach
    + Being part of the team organising upcoming booths at upcoming events such as the Festival of Biodiversity.

  • Melissa and the Legislation research team (no hyperlink, get in touch with Mel directly)
    + Being part of the legislation research team, coming together for regular discussions, of which the inputs will be channeled to policy-discussions led by MP Louis Ng.

  • Lastrina and #LepakInSG
    + Online scanning of environment related events and putting it in a Google calendar
    + Organising events that leverage on popular interests such as boardgames sessions, poetry slams and using that as a platform to share more on sustainability-related topics.

    PS: Our next meetup is on Thursday 28 July. Should anyone be interested, contact me directly asap.

  • Lastrina and The Singapore Eco Film Festival #SGEFF+ Being part of the team organising an environment film festival in November! The themes we are covering are: consumerism and waste, farming and food, climate, air quality and haze, and wildlife. If film festivals rock your boat, get in touch with Jacqui Hocking co-founder of #SGEFF. We will follow up from there. SGEFF is something I enjoy helping to organise and I will write a separate post on that.

The project partners (individuals and/or organisations) below are listed according to the sessions they supported us in.

Session 1: Look Within and Big Picture

Session 2: Biodiversity and Principles

  • Hanzhong of Jalan Hijau (Nature Society)
    + Forming a team that focuses on the social media aspects for two projects; Draw the Last Straw and Reduce the Junk Mail.

    Additional note: Hanzhong supports Cuifen in Foodscape Collective. And both Hanzhong and Cuifen is part of the Green Drinks Singapore team. The next GDS event is this Wednesday, 27 July, at SingJazz Club and is focused on Relief and Sustainable Impact. FB Events Page here.

    Thanks to Ashwin of Gone Adventurin’ for supporting this session too.

Session 3: Haze and Communication

  • Yi Han and Benjamin of People’s Movement to Stop Haze
    + Have upcoming volunteer activities that require support in campaign creatives (writer, producer), events ( organiser, reporter), partnerships (liaison officer), research.

    Additional note: Around 20 PM Haze members will be off to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for a weekend trip for a peat re-wetting project. Information on the project here.

    Thanks to Jennifer Eveland for supporting this session also.

    Additional note: We rented the space at Ground-Up Initiative for this session. Aside from the fact that GUI does have lots of activities happening at the Kampung, I’m mentioning GUI here because I saw that some our SYCA LLP Aspirants went back to GUI on their own after our session.

Session 4: Sustainable Fashion and Event Management

  • Raye of Connected Threads Asia
    + Organising a clothes swap on 18 September
    + Doing a survey to understand consumer shopping behaviour
    + Collaborating with Wedge Asia to organise Behind the Label fashion talks
    + Developing a video campaign Fashion Pulpit, focusing on efforts contributing to positive impacts in the fashion industry.
  • Agatha of Green Issues by Agy
    + Research on upcycling technology for textiles, eco dyes, and emotional design of products.

Session 5a: Publicity

  • Sandra of #up2degrees
    + Launching a ‘cooling mail’ campaign
    + Developing a heartland skit
    + Potentially creating a microsite that will enable people to measure their aircon energy consumption and potential savings.

    Additional note: Today Sandra published an article on Medium- The Improbably Aircon: Why Singapore Should Care About Antartica. Read it here.

Session 5b: Green Corporates and Green Finance

Session 6: Food Security and Volunteer Management

  • Fabian of Quan Fa Farm
    + Fabian is happy to have helping hands at the farm!

I think putting together the program the start of the year and re-connecting with various groups and what they do was a good reminder for me to be aware of what other people are doing and the causes they are passionate about. Hoping to see more involvement from the Aspirants after this.

Again, if anyone is interested to support these groups, do get in touch with them directly!

Stay updated with the SYCA community on Facebook and Twitter.


On a related note:

  • Check out the online Singapore Green Landscape 2016 list compiled by Eugene Tay of Green Future Solutions.

    “The Singapore Green Landscape 2016 highlights the 11 key government reports that are related to sustainability, and introduces the 47 non-governmental organisations and non-profits; 57 green groups; 17 business associations and groups; 52 green websites; 26 government agencies; and 49 institutes and centres in Singapore, which are relevant to the environment.”

  • Attend the Singapore Sustainable Solutions Network conference organised by i’dEco, the student environment group in Yale-NUS happening on Saturday 20th August, 9am to 3.30pm.

    “The conference seeks to promote a collaborative culture between various environmental stakeholders across the corporate, governmental, academic, and NGO sectors in Singapore to develop joint environmental solutions.”

    Schedule here.

Other things:
In July, I tweeted quite a bit of the Clean Enviro Summit, UNAS Seminar and my meeting with Shavez, Founder of 1stop Brunei Wildlife. Bits and pieces of those events can be seen on the Twitter account @norlastrina. I also went for a walk at Lentor stream, led by Hang Chong. Some pictures can be seen on the Flickr account @norlastrinahamid

I think I’m pretty much being happy on Twitter and will spend more time there than on this blog or on Facebook.



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