My thoughts are everywhere, on Twitter, on Facebook, in my head. And they’re all jumping from one topic to another.

I have a post drafted for the blog over the weekend, but then I decided not to publish it.

What I will record down though is this:

Formal Education:

It has been 2.5 years since I left school and the past months I have been thinking about going back to school. I was looking through various programmes and the one that interests me most is the MSs Global Environment, Politics & Society at the University of Edinburgh. I’m 27 this year and my goal is to enroll in the programme before I turn 30.

I even know what I want. Sem 1: Global Environment // Economy, Ecology and Ethics // Political Theories and International Affairs. || Sem 2: Global Environmental Politics // Energy Policy and Politics // Human Rights, Global Politics and International Law. I sound so sure, but this is the kind of mix that I would be interested to study.

Massive Online Open Course:

(updated) Today I signed up for 3 courses on Coursera.

  • Global Diplomacy – Diplomacy in the Modern World
    Jun 27, 2016 – Aug 8, 2016 || University of London & SOAS University of London
  • Politics and Economics of International Energy
    Jun 27, 2016 – Aug 29, 2016 || Sciences Po
  • Oil and Gas Industry Operations Market
    July 20, 2016 – Aug 15, 2016 || Duke University

I registered 3 days late. My plan is to spend time on W1 classes for both courses by tonight. Side chat: for GD I have to read Hans Morgenthau, “Diplomacy”. It’s only 15 pages long. But I’m taking forever to read this 1946 text.

The larger plan is for me to slowly prep myself for the MSc. If it happens. If not, good for me for learning more stuff.

Professional Development

For work, the company subscribes to HubSpot. We had a call on 9th June, and then 23rd June. The next one will be on 7th July.

Long story short, between Monday 27 June and Tuesday 28 June, I got myself 3 certifications there:

  • Inbound
  • Inbound Sales
  • Email Marketing

There were times when I ended up reading the transcript only. There were times where I listened to the video and read the transcript. I personally feel the three I took first are manageable. It’s most theoretical.. or something that makes sense. I still need to fiddle with the software and start using it.

I’m also planning to take Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification first week of July (I skimmed through the course materials. Definitely more intensive and I need more time)  as well as Content Marketing Certification when they launch it. Hopefully by end August I will have 2 more HubSpot certifications.

I need to re-evaluate everything again by end August.

I have been a hermit crab the entire June and it was only this week that I started to be more active.

The “social” life in July has been pretty much laid out already.  Pictures up on Flickr as and when.


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