notes from here and there.

tue 22 mar: phone died.  two weeks of being phone-less is not that bad. streamlines the communication for volunteer activities especially to just emails only. makes my life a whole lot focused on what’s in front of me in the real world. no feeling of obligation to reply to texts which i do leave unread at times. // in the days after, 2 friends passed me spare phones for use and then i realised they both require different sized sim cards- mine is standard, theirs was a micro and a nano. and then i was reminded iphones require different chargers, not just one different from androids, but also different between the apple brand itself. i can’t understand why people keep buying iphones. talk about encouraging over-consumption. // 22 mar was also the tembusu forum day. . i think i wrote something on this in another post.

wed 23 mar: the world is small. after a day of attending a tembusu forum event, the tembusu debate society email emailed to ask me to join the wed 6 apr event: ‘elephant in the room’ session focused on carbon tax. i later found out ter yang (nus-oes) and kavic (sec) would be joining. made me wonder why we were all invited. clarified something and got this as a reply “The scenario we have suggested is purely speculative and we fully expect the discussion to stray, so yes, you are free to imagine your own tiers.” not sure how to feel about this.

sat 26 mar: SYCA LLP Session 3 biodiversity session was led by Hanzhong in the morning at MacRitchie. business with a purpose session was led by Ashwin of Gone Adventurin in the afternoon at the Red Box. i got Ashwin to share Awesome Foundation as well “Every month, we give a $1000 grant to any idea or project that we think is simply awesome!” Quite cool huh. I think it allows people to be more creative that way too. // I knew Ashwin circa 2010. Kinda amazing what paths people take and where it leads them.

tue 29 mar: catch up with Jen and Bev. Jen was/ is helping out with SYCA LLP Session 4 communication session which happened on sat 2nd apr, alongside Yi Han who was doing the haze part. // Jen had connected me with Bev who was passing through Singapore. Chatting with the two of them, and especially Jen after that made me realise how long more I have to go, and made me question how long more will i have the passion for all these bits and pieces of things im doing.

wed 30 mar: Hanzhong and I met Panut earlier  to bring him to SingJazz. met his wife and two kids. let Panut set up and then Hanzhong and i went for early dinner. // chatting with hanzhong, who always brings up good points btw, he mentioned if/when he gets married, he would not want to have kids. i was reminded a couple who mentioned that as well. and i was reminded of the convo i had with the rhg girls- one of the girls was strongly for the idea of kids, and i was sitting there ‘nah i think im fine + dont need to bring a child into this world.” at this point, im pretty happy doing my own stuff and playing with my niece when i get home, and knowing i can return her to her parents after that. plus. with what’s going on in this world, i would not want to bring in another living being, until some things changes.  // Green Drinks later that night started with some technical problem it made me want to knock down that projector. but i think overall it went well. // i also think in general people admire Panut and his work because well, what’s there not to admire. for me, knowing him since 2011 and meeting again in 2015 and having to read his personal stories, i think what i admire most about him is his early days of making things happen so he can get educated. how many young boy in rural regions you know who have the grit and determination to educate not only himself, but also the community around him, and then worked his way up to being someone successful?  // i can’t help but think im not doing enough. the people in singapore are not doing enough. most of the time we take things for granted.

thu 31 mar: Met Sandeep of WWF International and chatted a bit. he’s also part of the 7th may event where im replacing Mel.  Met Suzanne of Little Climate and Wei Rui of NCCS who shared their thoughts on carbon tax and green businesse- Having a Business (Management) degree, I always feel like academically I do not know much about the environment, and that’s why being able to attend events and meet people like them makes me grateful cos it allows me to learn things I didn’t learn in school. Met Dot – long story short i was supposed to meet her and crash a webinar.. but i ended up catching the last 15 mins or so. while watching (read: gushing over) the webinar, i can’t help noticing the physical difference, visual wise and audio wise.

fri 1 apr: Met Melissa, at ESI, which is at the other end of NUS, Gracie at Science Fac and Ter Yang at Computing. I had to navigate my way around NUS. Without a phone. Each bus ride is like 15 mins long. And then one still has to walk a bit. In my old school, I could walk from one point to another in 15 mins.  // Chatting with Mel and the idea of taking a Masters came up. Specifically the MEM programme at NUS. I didn’t tell her I had sent an enquiry to the newly announced MIA at LKYSPP on 25th May (no one replied and i followed up on 1 apr and no one replied still.. what.. ). I am contemplating a Masters, but just want to make sure I am ready for one, or need one. // in between mum was admitted again.

sat 2 apr: SYCA LLP Session 3. On Haze and Communication.

sun 3 apr: i think it was on sunday that i decided to pick up the malay papers. and it was glaring to me. on the topic of successful women in their school/ work, their stories were all linked to them being a good Muslim as well (and if i remember correctly the people here were wearing the headscarves). and then on the topic of ‘having pain while having sex, and not being able to have pleasurable sex even though couple was married, and thus affecting their marriage’ the photo file that was chosen was of a women with short hair. there i was thinking. like what. why do you need to relate a woman’s success with her religion, regardless if religion did play a part in forming their character which made them successful? and then if they are not successful in their marriage (can’t have sex and cannot reproduce), you choose a non-headscarf wearing women?? // as it is, ive not really understood why the paper, being the sole malay paper in singapore, most of the time (well my impression at least, and i read papers minimally), always use the term “Malay-Muslim” in their stories. not all malays are muslims and not all muslims are malays. so if one does not fit into this malay-muslim criteria, what kind of readers are they do you? // idk. that particular publication just annoyed me. in all fairness, the paper does a good job translating global news into malay so it’s understood by the malay-speaking generation. and they do make the effort to feature malay youths, me included, in their publication. just that particular publication. it was so glaring.

mon 4 apr: copied into an email on interfaith climate change. reminded how small this intersection of the community is and that i can never get away from it fully.

tue 5 apr: two weeks since phone died.


wed 6 apr: to be updated. if we really do stray from the topic.

fri 8 apr: meet jen, meet dot, xt and gracie.

sun 10 apr: run 350 where i will be kickscooting.  sandra for lunch. crazy frenchwoman is back in town after her antartica trip.


im planning to run away 11-30 apr.

just that the week of 17-24 apr, i have 2 documentary screening invites (have already pre-empted the hosts to think i most probably wont come), 2 speaking invitations (am asking if cuifen and mel can do it instead)(ESI Mel and SYCA Mel are two different persons), and possibly SYCA is doing a team sharing at Green Drinks session (idk why this year im talking about GD a lot. it’s just that cuifen is also part of the GD team, and hanzhong is also part of of GD team and supporting SYCA a lot)- it’s all part of the Paris Agreement hype, and Singapore signing it on 22 apr.  i just feel the need to be away is stronger than the need to stay on and be here for these events.


.. till whenever.

– – update 7 apr – –

wed 6th april. the boss just got back from family holiday. long story short, he’s driving up to BKK anyways.. so i could hitch a ride. hah. this is the rough plan for now. unless there’s some big changes. like me giving in and saying yes to all those apr events.

April Travel bit
14 Singapore to Johor, Malaysia, overnight in Johor
15 Johor to KL (~300km), roughly 5 hours drive including lunch stop, overnight in KL
16 KL to Southern Thailand (~800km), maybe Krabi Area, roughly 10 hours drive including lunch stop, overnight here.
17 Southern Thailand to Bangkok (~800km), roughly 10 hours drive including lunch stop, pitstop here.
18 Hang out in Bangkok
19 Hang out in Bangkok
20 Hang out in Bangkok
21 Bangkok, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia by bus (~400km), roughly 10 hours by bus
22 Hang out in Siem Reap
23 Hang out in Siem Reap
24 Hang out in Siem Reap
25 Siem Reap to Phnom Penh by bus (~300km), roughly 10 hours by bus.
26 Hang out in Phnom Penh
27 Hang out in Phnom Penh
28 Hang out in Phnom Penh
29 Flight back from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Singapore, by 2 hours flight

and then i posted this on 7 apr 00:18, after coming home from tds event. just felt the need to write this:

fb after 6apr


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