March Green Drinks: Addressing Human-Orangutan Conflict in Agricultural Landscapes around the Leuser Ecosystem, Northern Sumatra

Thanks Olivia for securing the venue! And Cuifen and Hanzhong from the Green Drinks Singapore team who will be hosting the event. (Cuifen and I are 0.5 Co-Founders of Singapore Youth for Climate Action.)

Date: 30 March 2016 (Wed)
Time: 7pm – 8.30pm
Venue: SingJazz Club, 101 Jalan Sultan, #02-00, The Sultan.
Admission: Free (contributions to society accepted)
RSVP: Via Facebook or email

Also, to the various animal conservation related groups in Singapore who have agreed to help publicise the event to their networks, thank you! Do check them out- clicking on the organisation name will bring you to their websites.

The Biodiversity Crew @ NUS  Biodiversity research and education

Back in 2011, Mr Siva organised a talk for Panut at NUS while I organised one at National Geographic Store @ Vivo.

Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) Animal and wildlife conservation
Nature Society (Singapore) Nature appreciation and conservation
Biodiversity Connections  Transdisciplinary and trans-national collaborations to study and protect wildlife in Southeast Asia
People’s Movement to Stop Haze Ok, not really an animal conservation group. But. The  background context palm oil plantation and forest loss = loss of homes for orangutans + Palm oil plantation link to haze.
Conservation International Animal and wildlife conservation

Also, thank you to the ever-supportive #LepakInSG Co-Founder Xiang Tian who will be sharing it on the Singapore Environment Networking Group, which he started in June 2015. (SEN is a platform for GG to communicate + Lepak is a platform to list GG events. I think it’s working out.)

Singapore Environment Networking Group  This group aims to connect ALL environmental groups and interested individuals in Singapore, so that there will be a common platform for everyone to communicate and work on common environmental goals

Green Drinks Singapore

This month, we are delighted to have Panut Hadisiswoyo, Founding Director of Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), with us. He will share how his organisation addresses the conflict between humans and orang utans in the Leuser Ecosystem of North Sumatra.

Big thanks to Nor Lastrina of Singapore Youth for Climate Action for helping to coordinate this session, and to SingJazz Club for hosting us once again.

Background to Panut’s talk

The Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) is an Indonesian conservation NGO working for the protection of rainforests, the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) and thousands of other species sharing their habitat. The OIC promotes conservation amongst communities living adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) of the Leuser Ecosystem, helping them protect and improve their livelihoods and, in the process, safeguarding an ecosystem of vital importance in the global fight against climate change.

To address the conflict between human and orangutans, the OIC has been involved in various…

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