Google calendar has been interesting since end January. I see 6 calendars
+ my personal one where I include work related things as well
+ SYCA cal
+ #LepakInSG cal
+ Foodscape Collective cal (cos we integrate this on the #LepakInSG website)
+ PM Haze cal (i have access but dont really check)
+ Cuifen’s cal (cuifen said something about so i know when she’s busy).
Basically, because i see so many things going on.. it makes me more selective of what kind of events i participate it.

This month has been interesting. Among others, I’ve been to NUS 5 times (and i will always remember this- that SIM GE my alma mater.. has not called me up lol)..
+ 8 Mar to attend Interface event. I have Dot & Forum to thank for this
+ 10 Mar as part of the COP21 girls who went to COP (me, Mel L and Yi Lin) and do a sharing for Joelle’s class
+ 16 Mar for an interview.. I’ll probably bring this up again later when the video is published. Thanks Liy for the opportunity.
+ 18 Mar for the final year EE student symposium. GK was one of the presenters so i signed up for it. in the end, somehow i became a judge for the poster category ‘air pollutant and climate change’
+ 18 Mar to support Yi Han who was speaking at the MEM seminar. It was significant because he is still an MEM student, but with the work he does with PM Haze he was all the more qualified to come in and share as a speaker too.
+ 23 Mar to attend the Tembusu Forum. Prof Tommy Koh is forever the cutie grandpa that he is. And Shawn Lum.. i realise now is quite funny. Tonight I also realise although i’ve seen Amb Kwok and Amb Benjamin a number of times, i haven’t exactly made the effort to talk to them. And Benjamin.. took me forever to realise this but he has a British accent and not a French one. speaking of french, on 20 Mar i had met up with a french writer who interviewed me.. will update that outcome later on.
Maybe it’s just things connected to each other. Today Mel L emailed to say she will be away in May and needed someone to replace her for an MEM Seminar talk in May and she thought of me, and I was like OK cool, I just attended Yi Han’s session and it was informal- i can do this. And then tonight when we attended the Tembusu Forum, i realised Prof Tommy Koh is the chair of the advisory committee for the MEM program and Prof George Ofori is the director of MEM (i think) and Prof Ofori was there at Yi Han’s talk, so I basically just said Hi again.

Yesterday was interesting.I attended my first official MEWR GPC Resource Pool meeting. Mel C and I (We’re 0.5 of Co-Founders of Singapore Youth for Climate Action) had been approached by Louis to be part of this RP. and Mel C and I had met up to discuss what issues we want to bring up. the three of us had wanted to bring in climate change into the discussions of course. and on my end i just wanted to see what kind of issues/ gripes people have with plastic bags. so i posted this in feb and this in march and i just.. i dont know man. i dont feel satisfied. so in the end during the meeting what i really pushed for was for environmental education to be integrated more into the formal curriculum.

Today. Today has been quite interesting. It was one of those.. “when life gives you lemons.. make lemonade out of it” thing. It’s one of those phase in life which is forcing me to stop and reflect all these god knows what im doing in life. Like. I need to have a short break and take a train ride up from Singapore to Thailand kind of break.

Anyhow. For now.
+ Fri 25 Mar SG100 Chronicles I’ll be one of the speakers for the slot 3-4pm. Check out the event. Pretty cool. (Update: This has been shifted to Sat 23 Apr).
+ Wed 30 Mar There will be a Green Drinks event featuring… Panut! Panut texted me Sunday evening saying he’ll be in SG very soon and is interested to do a sharing session. So yesterday I basically emailed like 12 contact points of animal conservation related type of groups in SG and happy to say majority of them responded fast and people are contributing and helping to organise this sharing session. I’ll probably tweet the FB events page once it’s created. (Update: The FB event page is this one )
+ Wed 6 Apr A carbon-related forum in NUS. Still trying to confirm things.
+ Sun 10 Apr I’ll be on a kick-scooter for the Fun on Wheels category in Run 350.. as a Green Ambassador. Right now Im an SYCA co-founder. But before this i was a 350 singapore team manager. And i have JD from Young NTUC to thank for still thinking of me and supporting my work and development and still roping me in in some of the activities.
+ Fri 15 Apr Contemplating if I should participate in SIIA’s SDSWR
+ Fri 22 Apr Will be at HSS giving an Earth Day talk.
+ Sat 7 May Speaking MEM Seminar, replacing Mel L. With Sandeep and Jose.
5 out of 7 confirmed today.. come on Lastrina.. life’s interesting in many other ways!

Of course there’s SYCA LLP on 26 Mar, 2 Apr, 23 Apr, 24 Apr, 7 May, 21 May, 22 May, 28 May.

I need to reclaim my soul. Hah.

I also don’t foresee myself blogging much next few weeks.


Ta. Ta.


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