#LepakInSG and #LepakInSG Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps

I guess I never really had a proper blog post about #LepakInSG (since it’s inception late January 2016) or Singapore Youth for Climate Action for that matter (since the official announcement of the group November 2015). Sharing a bit more about #LepakInSG today and SYCA some other time this month.

A bit of background as to how #LepakInSG came about:


Volunteering in the civil society space, especially in green groups the last 5 years, I identified there was a need to have a green social calendar to help coordinate and share the events being organised by the various green groups.  So yes, thanks to the encouragement from the senior greenies and enthusiasm from the younger ones, the #LepakInSG took action and tried to fill in the need.

The initial idea was to have a green social calendar to provide a “service”:

  • For various green groups in Singapore to share their events on a common platform so that they know what each other are up to, and de-conflict schedule if need be.
  • For people interested in participating in green-related activities to easily find events to join in.
  • For people who are new to the green scene in Singapore to easily see there are tons of interesting events happening, spanning topics on Literature, Educational, Political, Animal, Kreative (creative) that in a way is still talking about the Environment as well.

The mechanism we chose was something simple- Using Google Calendar embedded onto a WordPress site (that’s what you see when you visit https://lepakinsg.wordpress.com) And backend, we added contributors to the Google Calendar so people could add events to the public #LepakInSG calendar as they would their personal ones.

How “#LepakInSG Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps” workshop came about:

And then I think it was somewhere in February, in one of those late night sessions at the Gotham building, and that time I was with Xiang Tian, Gracie and Dorothy, that we decided to leverage on the online community we have and engage them offline, and at the same time tying in with the social media element we figured Dot could run a “#LepakInSG Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps” workshop. It was about how we can add value to the civil society community in Singapore- it was not just about the green groups anymore but the larger civil society scene. There’s lots of informal groups and volunteers in charity organisations who are doing great work and experiencing some challenges and we thought it would be nice to work out something around that as well.

I was already in touch with National Youth Council who kindly allowed us to use their office space for SYCA LLP Session 1 on 5th March, and they had put me touch with Youth Corp Singapore which was at that time going to re-launch the space at The Red Box (that red building in the heart of Somerset), and SYCA LLP Sessions 2 and 4 was to be held at the new space. We worked something out at #LepakInSG managed to book the space for use today too! (A day after the launch- Whoa!). Thanks to Ken of NYC, Edmond of YCS and Odelia the YCS Aspirant who was on duty today!I think it’s really cool The Red Box exist to “.. (be) Our new home (which) will be a rallying point for youths to gather, exchange ideas and take action towards building a caring and cohesive society.”

The Red Box was launched by Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Ms Grace Fu today! Our new home will be a…

Posted by Youth Corps Singapore on Saturday, 12 March 2016

#LepakInSG with Dorothy Ng of Futures Centres by Forum For The Future: Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps

#LepakInSG with Dorothy Ng of Futures Centres by Forum For The Future: Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps

#LepakInSG with Dorothy Ng of Futures Centres by Forum For The Future: Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps

#LepakInSG with Dorothy Ng of Futures Centres by Forum For The Future: Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps

#LepakInSG with Dorothy Ng of Futures Centres by Forum For The Future: Social Media Tips for Civil Society Peeps

We started off with an ice breaker, a little bit of movement and actions, and a short introduction of each other.

Aside from me, Dot and Xiang Tian, 21 people joined in the session today. These included people from:

      • Connected Threads Asia– promoting sustainable fashion industry in Singapore and beyond. They are organising Fashion Revolution Day in Singapore on 24th April.. check it out!
      • Ci Yuan CC YEC– It’s a Youth Executive Committee within a Community Centre. They’re known to be strong in environmental activities.
      •  OneMaker Group– It’s a consortium of key organisations of Maker Movement in Singapore.
      • Deviate– Focusing on providing free tuition for students from low-income families. They are organising a service learning workshop for 1-17 years olds on 14 and 15 March at The Red Box.
      • volunteers from Association for Persons with Special Needs – APSN – As the name suggests.. They are currently running a #WheelsForAPSN campaign giving their beneficiaries a new set of wheels https://www.giving.sg/wheelsforapsn
      • Artsolute– Aim to raise a caring and active society through arts.
      • Unstitching Boundaries– A platform to advocate the idea of cultivating humanity regardless of where we came from and what we believe in.
      • Nature Society (Singapore)– They do things like “Organise nature appreciation activities like guided nature walks, bird and butterfly watching, slide talks and overseas eco-trips.”
      • People’s Movement to Stop Haze– Currently running the #XtheHaze campaign at xthehaze.org
      • Little Climate– It’s social enterprise focused on building climate change awareness through innovative and fun media. You have to check out their cartoon book.
      • Be an Idea– It’s a platform for change and a marketing consultancy.They also run monthly Fuze Nights: The Social for Social Impact.. think of Green Drinks night but for the social impact sector.

(I know I know #LepakInSG only has a WordPress site– but hey you can scroll to the bottom of the calendar, click the “+” icon and add the Google Calendar to your calendar, and it will be super useful for you đŸ˜‰ )

I thought Dot ran a pretty useful and informative social media workshop that was simple to understand too. Thank you Dorothy Ng!!

We also created an excel sheet for people to keep in touch with each other and a short feedback form- part of it was to also see what kind of Literature, Educational, Political, Animal, Kreative (creative) events related to the Environment people would be interested to participate in the future.

I think #LepakInSG the online green social calendar is doing well- It’s being filled up Feb-Mar and it is exciting to see how exciting the space is. In the long run it would be nice to organise more offline events to engage the community as well. It’s just a different kind of energy with #LepakInSG and SYCA considering these are my babies (Like.. after 5 years of taking care of other people’s babies). For now though..

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