Seen at #SingaPlural2016

SingaPlural showcases the best design elements from the multi-faceted creative spectrum – Advertising, Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, as well as Interior, Furniture, Graphic and Fashion Design.- Source

This year, SingaPlural is held from 7 to 13th March at 99 Beach Road (the old Central Police Station).

It was quite fun seeing, touching and smelling some of the things there! Here are some picks that were more memorable for me.

Blk A #7 Project X 

A collaborative project as the key expression of the adopted theme for SingaPlural, a single material of exploration is given to different designers/artists of different fields to push the extent of the material to create a series of lifestyle products, which will be exhibited at SingaPlural.


Blk B #45 Nua by Ng Siang Joo (“Nua” means chill and do nothing in Hokkien.. guess the name given to this chair! read: corner chair 😀 )


Blk B #51 Fishtank by Evangelione (Clicking on this will bring you to a Flickr link where you can watch a 7 second clip).


Blk B #71 The Singapore March/ Circus by A Good Citizen (I saw this poster and I felt like I’ve seen it before.. turns out I “like”d the FB page a long time ago lol. Saw the artist Dan Wong in person today).


Blk C #12 Recognition Room

Through a collective showcase of design works created in the year before, SingaPlural aims to recognise and celebrate design ideas from all walks.

– 50 Scents Dabao Box by All Sense (Liked the Botanical Gardens Vanda Miss Joaquim scent).
– Singapore Very Old Tree by Robert Zhao (Cos old trees + postcards).
– Lepak T-Shirt by Statement.SG (Cos of #LepakInSG.. thinking if I should get the t-shirt for the group).
– Hang Nadim And The Garfish, part of a project called To SIR (Socially Inclusive Reads) With Love. (LOVE this children’s book which has braille + textures of things like banana trunk and traditional head gear so that children with poor vision/ blind can read this book too).

Blk C #15 Sitting on Paper by NuPaper.Co (This is an eco-product and it has a social cause around it. So yay.) 

Outdoor Installation Doors by MEDIACORP X IDCS X SILA X SFIC (It was a maze with things I liked- like pipes, and dining table in a “forest”!)

Doors is an installation which manifests our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste into five carefully curated spaces. Through recycled Mediacorp production set props, visitors are invited to explore the maze of openings that teases their senses.


Outdoor Installation Tile it Up by WY-TO X Hafary (Genius. Tiles are not just for flooring, but for play spaces too).

Tile it up invites you to step into an interactive installation covering a large spectrum of Hafary products. The structures create various multi-sensory experiences. Visitors are engaged through visual and touch stimulations. Tile it up will change preconceived ideas of tiles by exploring alternative ways to feature and experience them.


Outdoor Installation The Singapore Circus/ March by The Good Citizen

The Singapore March and Singapore Circus are cheeky art installations that seek to establish our national visual identity. The first exhibition deals with memorable character tropes, while the second teases us about our base activities.


Today (Sunday 13th March) is the last day to check out SingaPlural.. so hurry!


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