Of Hive Mind: Women Changing the Singapore Green Landscape

Post updated 28/07/2016 to reflect changes in #SGEFF dates from 21-23 October to 10-13 November, and links have been added to the #SGEFF website and Biodiversity Connections website.

“Women are developing “swarm intelligence” — forming self-organized systems where the collective behavior is simply to help one another. This shows up in the tremendous growth of women’s professional organizations, where women come together toward a universal higher consciousness (called “universal mind” in hive mind terms) with the purpose of helping one another grow and succeed individually and collectively. Women understand that helping each other helps the hive, i.e., contributing to other women’s success is ultimately helpful to our companies, our communities, our global economy (and ourselves!).”- Source

Realisation of existence of “hive mind” really hit me in February. Prior to COP21 in Dec, I started working closely with Cuifen and Mel C- found out professionally Cuifen is an environmental scientist who also co-founded Foodscape Collective and Mel C is a campaigner consulting WWF Singapore.

Upon SYCA team’s return we worked hard coming up with the Singapore Youth for Climate Action – SYCA LLP program (happening 5th March to 28th May). We got other amazing women involved in the program; like Madhu from Forum for the Future (Session 1), Jacqui of Gone Adventurin’ (S2), Jennifer – a super awesome but low-profile writer (S3), Agatha of Connected Threads Asia (S4) as well as Lena of British High Comm and Sandra of Up2degrees (S6).

At the same time, #LepakInSG team also got Dorothy of Futures Centre under Forum for the Future to run a “Social media tips for civil society peeps” workshop on 13th March. It’s our first offline event and limited to 20 pax so sign up fast! http://goo.gl/forms/mHGqzEOrcQ

With a collaborative person like Jacqui in the circle, I (along with Cuifen and Agatha) got myself involved with The Singapore Eco Film Festival #SGEFF (happening 10 to 13 November 2016). I met more fantastic women like Soo Lin who works in a company reading tree DNAs and Adeline who runs Biodiversity Connections, kinda like Green Drinks Singapore but focused on bio issues. And of course, the queen of green Olivia of GD is also involved in #SGEFF.

Yesterday I got to know Suzanne who runs Little Climate– she talks about climate change through cartoons. I think she is the first person I met who has dedicated time making tough IPCC report into something fun and simple to understand. I’m meeting her next week- so yay!

And today, I bumped into November of The Leafmonkey Workshop who is part of Eugene’s Sustainability Mentorship Programme 2016 (which also starts on 5th March by the way, but theirs is a 10-month long program). And it reminded me of Ria of WildSingapore who is on this program for the 2nd year. Ria, Ria is one of those who makes time to drop you an encouragement or give long feedback at times.

The Singapore green community is small, yes. At times it does seem fragmented, with everyone doing their own thing, yes. But meeting and working with these women really make me feel grateful we do come together and help out each other. So yes, 2016 is going to be an interesting year ahead for Singapore with these female environmentalists/ activists/ whatever you call us, bringing you some incredible stuff!



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