Last Sat of Feb 2016.

It was one of those weekends where I had a long enjoyable Saturday and then decide to give everything else a miss on Sunday and sleep in most of the day.

Morning Cook for Balik Kampung program with Ground-Up Initiative

Turkish Vegetarian Stew. Guvech. Garlic. Onion. Potato. Eggplant. Zucchini. Cucumber. Tomato. Diced tomato. Salt. Olive oil.

Turkish Vegetarian Stew: Guvech.  // Garlic. Onion. Potato. Eggplant. Zucchini. Cucumber. Tomato. Diced Tomato with Sauce. Salt. Olive oil.

Afternoon Meetup with Speakers for Session 1 of the Singapore Youth for Climate Action‘s Learning and Leadership Program.
Dates for SYCA LLP:
Mar: Sat 5th, 26th
Apr: Sat 2nd, 23rd, Sun 24th
May: Sat 7th, 21st, Sun 22nd May
May: Sat 28th Grad.
(In between I still have the Green Corridor Run on Sun 6th March and Run 350 on Sunday 10th April)
(Xiang Tian is still arranging dates for our first ever offline event for #LepakInSG in March)

The SYCA meeting went a bit longer than expected and I missed the #SGEFF meeting.
In a blog update here Jacqui shared the 6 themes that were chosen for the film fest happening in October.

Met up with Dot earlier and took pictures of Mini Lastrina


Meet my baby, Mini Lastrina

Also, thanks to Dot I went to an Inch Chua secret concert on a rooftop somewhere in eastern Singapore.


Check out Inch and her music here.

Found three songs were memorable to me;
– Wallflower, Wallflower 2010
– Mousedeer, Letters to Ubin 2015
– Dust That Moves, Letters to Ubin 2015

And all that survives
is just dust that moves
and all that survives
is not me, not you.
– Dust That Moves, Inch Chua

In other news, I need to readjust my priorities for March onwards.

In other other news, it’s going to be 29th February 2016 in less than 30 mins. 

Inch (who is 1 year older than me) was sharing she has been looking for a primary school friend the last 6 years. And it reminded me I have been searching for a primary school friend too. A Facebook search showed posts from 2008 and 2014. If I don’t have any news of this person by the end of 29th Feb, I’ll let this rest.

shaf2008 shaf2014


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