im splitting my time between FB which overwhelmed me since Dec.. Whatsapp, where I have more than 30 unreplied texts still.. and now Twitter, where I think I hang out a lot more on. of course, Flickr is still there, updated regularly with lots of pics.

im not really sure what to update this blog with to be honest.

post-COP there’s be a flurry of activities back home.. im keeping track of things on different lists. i stopped using google calendar cos it felt packed in one place.

work wise:

i think the highlight so far is me going to bangkok next week. mon travelling out.. and not sure if i can meet L at night. tue after lunch presenting, tue evening meeting a biz contact, and then i think i shall quietly go back to my bird cage hostel to celebrate my own birthday. wed lunch with biz contact, wed late afternoon catch up with A who came to APS last jul.. i met her briefly at COP.. and we’re catching up again, wed evening sharing at a networking event. im so looking forward to time alone thu morning. then i have to rush back to SG to attend another by-invitation event in the evening.

this month alone, i left work early to attend a by-invitation event and go for a photoshoot. next month. in feb and march, i’ll be leaving early again to go for some cop21 sharing.

S is a bit lenient with me i feel. last year i took 2 weeks of for COP and 1 week for holiday. these few weeks, i asked for time off and he’s like “sure” and “go for it”.

also. all these “by-invitation” events.. i brought it up to R the other day, and we had a discussion on that. and i figured ill go as long as it’s relevant.

volunteer wise:

350sg- i went out with the APS team on 2nd jan. got a few updates. and i figured it’s best i let go fully by mid-year.

SYCA- im overwhelmed with the follow-ups and potential projects going on. on our end we are launching the llp in march. juls is in paris studying for her masters, so we knew she wouldn’t be here. mel, cuifen and i have our own work to focus on. thankful we are meeting the other mel tonight and have a little catch up.

EG- i havent decided what i want to focus on this year.

PM Haze- yihan asked me to join the ambassadors programme. im stil waiting for updates. meanwhile in the People’s team i said ill tag on to G.

social life:

im feeling random this month. i asked for a singing slot and didnt get one. i asked B for a movie night out and B was busy. D and I went out for a walk at some parts of the Green Corridor and we bumped into R my sec school mate. i saw so many butterflies and heard so many birds that day.

i met up with P, who is A’s husband the other day cos he was in town exhibiting his artwork. G was there too, and after going out with P, G and I went to the Gotham-like building and hanged out at the lobby. we knew each other 2010-2011 and then he left for UK to study for the next 4 years. it was super fun catching up because back then we just went through a hard time together as a team, and we knew what was going on, even now, and made fun of everything.

after GD, i hanged out with like 10 people at the kopitiam across SingJazz. we just chatted and chatted. and there were these pieces of “I am gay” and “Why are you asking about race” and we talked about politics.. there were light-hearted moments in all that it just felt so quirky and diversed.


i think life in general is pretty much exciting. it has been a great start to 2016.


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