Offsetting 2015 Travels. Go Climate Neutral Now!

Received a “Reminder: Invitation to Offset Your COP 21 Travel” email from the UNFCCC Secretariat,  using UN-certified emissions reductions through its new Climate Neutral Now initiative.

So I used this travel footprint calculator and got the corresponding amount of emissions reductions at

Seeing how cheap it was, I was like.. what the heck, might as well use this for my entire 2015 travels.


London to Singapore

Note: Add extra for train from London to Oxford (roughly 100km, 15kgco2), train from London to Brighton (roughly 100km, 15kgco2), train from Paris to London (roughly 500km, 75kgco2)
(*using arbitrary 100km = 15kg C02)

Singapore to Paris

Note: Add extra for ferry Batam to Singapore (roughly 60km, 9kgco2), ferry Singapore to Batam  (roughly 60km, 9kgco2).

Note: Add extra for coach Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (roughly 350km, 52.5kgco2), coach Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (roughly 350km, 52.5kgco2).

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Note: Add extra bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (roughly 350km, 52.5kgco2).

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur return

Singapore to Yango return

Note: Add extra 8+9+14+8+15+4= 58 trips of 20km for SG<->JB trips = 1160km=174kgco2.


Grand total= 2357.33kg (2.3 tonnes) co2 for 2015 travels.

and then i thought about 2014-2012 travels.

and then i gave up counting my co2 emissions.

so i went back to and supported projects under agriculture, biomass energy, transport and waste handling because the snippets showed community/ social elements in it.

total offset 43.7USD 13 tonnes

total spent= 43.7USD to offset 13 tonnes of co2. (13 tonnes in my head is enough to cover 4 years worth of travelling for me). (ok ok i was focused on the travel bit. im pretty sure my co2 emissions over the last 4 years is way more than that).


for FAQs on Purchasing certified emission reductions (CERs) for cancellation, click here.

for FAQs on Climate Neutrality check out, click here.

im still learning too.


this activity got me thinking

  • how do i justify all these needs for travelling
  • can i be more focused this year onwards and travel only when i need to
  • why is purchasing CERs on CNW so cheap? ( i remember Cuifen using another website and she paid more than 100 bucks to support 1 project).
  • am i using this as a convenient excuse to emit more co2??

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