me travel talking:

i left singapore on 29 nov and returned on 24 dec.
in between, tons of things happened in (mostly) paris and (mostly) london. i actually loved my visit to the countryside outside of paris, and the day trips to brighton and oxford, more than paris and london itself.
and there were a few interesting emails going around pertaining things mainly happening back in singapore.

this trip was also interesting accommodation wise;
– i stayed in an airbnb apartment with 2 other girls for 12 nights. well minus 1 cos i slept at the aunt’s. and we were super lucky cos we found out later we were staying in between 2 metro stations AND there was a direct bus from COP to our neigbourhood.
– 3 nights at a super nice hostel. fortunately i chose this particular branch in northern paris, and not the one in central paris- D had 500 euros stolen in that one.
– 3 nights at a student hostel.  crashed in with A who is on an MOE scholarship. we caught up with B who is an NParks scholar- and doesn’t seems scholarly lol. AND met up with R, a SGian studying in Brighton who wanted to volunteer for 350sg but never had the chance to do so- so i met up with her anyways)
– and 5 nights at a hotel. thanks to F. i mean. i was staying in a shared flat, and two hostels, and me in the right mind would not have even thought about staying in a hotel in trafalgar square, so that was a nice end to the trip. and i was spoilt, because most times i was lost with directions, i just asked for directions to trafalgar square. we did all the touristy things like visiting, pictures which can be seen on flickr. the best thing i did in this part of the trip though was to watch the play Book of Mormons. the second best thing was probably the day out at Oxford to meet R, he gave a quick tour of the place and we went to that dining hall seen in Harry Potter.

i also feel quite broke now. but hey. money is something we can always get back right? right..

me work talking:

i had a chat with the boss about 2 days back; apparently i will be in thailand on 20 jan, and malaysia the week before that.

you know those times i was sitting in HR classes or Leadership classes in Uni thinking “wtf, there’s no way any employers are going to be like this”.. well.. i think my boss is the the best example of a best boss one can get. he does not only make me think about work, but also make me think about life direction. and that phone call was important to me because (a) he was talking about me and work (b) he was talking about me developing myself as a person, and there was a subtle hint about doing what i need to do.
me life talking:

somewhere around noon on 19 jan, i’ll be turning 27 years old.

and i want to be able to say “what a wonderful 4 years it has been.”


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