Went for the 7th blood donation. Every time I do a count I shall remember the 7 years I wasted not donating. This time at the Dhoby Ghaut outlet.

Last donation on 31 Aug: 68bpm, 110/72mmHG, 13.3Hgb

Today on 23 Nov: 74bpm, 102/67mmHG, 13.7Hgb (It may have been 13.9Hgb).

Next date with the blood centre is 15 Feb 2016!

Also, with the recent Paris attacks and F parents freaking out, we have decided to cancel the Paris holiday component. That means bye-bye to my Disneyland trip too.

So after my two weeks in Paris for COP, I’ll wait for F to arrive and probably spend some hours together before we do a split. F wants to go see Northern Lights in Iceland maybe. I want to go up to Scotland. We’ll then travel individually for a week and then travel southwards and meetup in London. The London itinerary stays. For now.

While reading up on Scotland, it reminds me of Peru. The nature of the travelling that is. Edinburgh = Cusco, Glasgow = that town outside of Machu Picchu town, the whole northern Scotland tour = trekking + climbing to Machu Picchu, and then down south hopping to Manchester and Liverpool = visiting the islands at Lake Titicaca. All good fun. I have a rough plan of where I want to go for that 1 week but I’ve yet to make bookings for anything. I’ll probably do it the last few days in Paris before heading out.

We can never be too sure of our plans can we?.


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