Yesterday I attended two events. In the first I went “Ah. Too many Japanese men.” In the second I went “Ah. Too many white men.” And it hit me that perhaps energy risk and renewable energy is perhaps a male dominated industry.

Today S and I had one of those “workshop” sessions. I’m not even sure if that’s the term he used previously. And my brain now is just.. Overloaded. Today also was a reminder that I should start reading up on some engineering terms if I’m going to be confident about this.

Yesterday M and S also attended the second event. And we chatted. They chatted rather. And I questioned myself. If I’m ever going to be as academical as they are. If I’m going to stay here as long as they have.

Then today I had a sit down chat with S and we had a talk about my personal objective for COP.. And why the Co is supportive of it, paying for the flight tickets and letting me extend and stay out an entire month. And he pointed out this thing I have about being too careful. I can’t recall the word he used. But in essence, it was the whole thing about  maybe I should be saying more of “Maybe this might work. Let’s grab the opportunity.”

I think I shall have a slow day tomorrow.


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