A bit of Batam, Haze, Garden talk, and a Climate Change Film Screening

Highlights from the past week. (As usual, more photos can be seen on Flickr albums).


Wednesday: Visited Galang Refugee Camp http://www.refugeecamps.net/GalangCamp.html

Read these different perspectives:

I don’t know. I didn’t even realised we had a UN Refugee Camp less than 2 hours away from us. Reading up about that particular period and situation, I can’t help thinking how slow we have progressed in terms of figuring out what to do with refugees.  From the Rohingya refugees coming into Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia to Syrian refugees going to Europe.. to how Australia is treating its refugees. Even if we are not obliged by international laws to take in and protect refugees.. it’s just..  it’s just amazing how the world works; we are so bounded by our geographic boundaries, and who we deem fit to be citizens of those areas, when it comes to giving humanitarian aid, we have to think twice about all this, because of whatever reasons, political or not. On a related note, Southeast Asia and its long coastlines, submerged by rising waters, would be the classic case of the impending doom that will come sooner or later, creating millions of climate refugees in our time.. and I am not sure if we are prepared for that.


Thursday: Went to this amazing place I don’t know what the name was. It was meant to be a religious school. Over the years, it was ‘developed’ by local volunteers who apparently slept on the trees (I saw the structure!!) and survived in the forests simply by smoking cigarettes (I assume Gudang Garam). The roofs which originally were formed by putting bunches of dried lalang together, were replaced by rubber sheets and zinc. The walkway you see in the picture here, were made from thousands, and possibly millions of broken tiles from the town area, and placed one by one on the ground to form proper paths. Even the walls were actually brown stones rounded and shaped and put together so nicely so they do not fall off. It was simply amazing. I mean, Singaporeans go to Batam and probably hang out at the same old area shopping and eating seafood. I was thankful my granduncle was around and we hired a driver who brought us to far out places which has much more meaning for me.

Bento set. Brown rice. Eggplant. Rendang mushroom. Pumpkin. Soup. Short rest. Wed to Fri morning in Batam. Back in SG by lunchtime. And going to JB soon. Body. Need. Rest.

Friday: Technically, I was in Batam, Indonesia in the morning, Singapore during lunchtime, and then Johor, Malaysia in the afternoon. I had my vegan lunch at Greendot. I used to eat their Laksa a lot. Now I go for their Bento set. (And later on Monday, I had this same exact dishes for dinner too).

People's Forum on Haze

Saturday: Went to People’s Forum on Haze, organised by People’s Movement to Stop Haze. If you missed this haze conversation over the weekend, do consider attending Unclouding the Haze: What People Can Do, organised by AWARE.

RISE Herb Garden at Marina Bay Sands

Sunday: Foodscape Collective organised a visit to the RISE Herb Garden at Marina Bay Sands. The garden is managed by Edible Garden.

Fun fact 1: Singapore imports over 90% of the food consumed in the country.
Fun fact 2: Singapore is the second most food-secure country in the world.

I don’t know how to interpret this to be honest.

image001 (1)

Monday: An announcement: https://europeclimate.eventbrite.com 

On an updated note, I updated the October list numerous times. Check it out once a while here.


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