I think my brain is slightly on an overdrive.

– Work: B and I had to sit down and fill up this concept note thing and I’m like.. Thank God INDCs exist. That’s a good starting point to find out what a particular country is doing on climate change, especially if majority of their materials are usually in the local language. Yay to volunteering exposure & knowledge gain which I can use for work.
– SYCCN: Brainstormed on what our personal objectives and team position is for COP21. Also talked about the 25th November event and the 1st December event. As I’m writing I’m going “Fuck. I need to reply to the 1st December event by end of this week.”

– Work: We were outside all day. Had three meetings. A short chat. And I settled B into a hostel. I especially liked the last meeting. Learnt so much.
– SYCCN: Save the Date! 25th November, 6.30pm onwards at The Projector. // Climate Change Awareness Event organised by the European Union delegation to Singapore. // There’s going to be yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, short chat about COP21 and beyond COP21 with civil society members (Mel Low of ESI, Sandeep of WWF, Eugene Tay of Green Future Solutions and me of 350 Singapore/ SYCCN), and a screening of the award winning documentary The Salt of The Earth!
– PM Haze: CH asked if I’m free the weekend of 7/8 November or 21/22 November. And I’m like.. “Not free on 7 cos I’m going for the Urgent Run with the EG team”. So there’s a possibility I’ll be in Malaysia 21/22 for a talk. On Haze. In Malay.
– Engineering Good: This Assistant Secretary is playing up her role as a backup Finance person.. Slowly but surely. I thought I was done with numbers at work when I finished up the accounts. Now.. I’m just starting to look at the numbers again. Did you know I slept through accounting class when I was doing SIM-UOL?

Also. This work trip thing. Initially I’m supposed to go to Jambi. But hey. Their airport has been on shutdown mode the last two months because of the haze. And we didn’t want to spend time or money traveling the long Singapore-Jakarta-Palembang-Jambi route. So. I planned for Batam instead. From a day trip it became 2 days and now 3 days. So ya. Till Friday. Meanwhile P, our intern based in AU is now in Cambodia for a week long work trip.

Sometimes I question myself why S take in people like me, P and B and throw us into situations like this. It’s the whole investing in young people, supporting them, developing them, that he does so well I find it hard to grasp. And I’m still taking in the fact that he is allowing me to be away nearly a month at the end of the year to go to COP and go travel.


And then I’m a photographer on Saturday. And possible farmer on Sunday.

My brain.


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