I lean towards environmental and social issues and today was the first time I attended a futures type of event. I was exposed to this term “futures” when J and D joined FFTF and their work involves them analysing trends and weak signals of change. Chatting with D the past few weeks, the term “futures” was something still vague and foreign to me. And it got me sort of interested to find out more what it was about. After today, I have to say I am amazed at myself for being very attentive. I mean, yes, the topic was something new to me,  and there were so many things I found informative and exciting, and perhaps that’s why I was so interested to find out more. But yes, amazed at myself for being so interested too 😀

I get easily impressed whenever V.B speaks. Today, he gave the opening keynote and basically said a bunch of stuff, which in my head, pretty much was an essay reply to the CSF’s methodology on scenario planning (I did read up on CSF before going); define problem (which in this case he mentioned energy, water, food, manufacturing), scan environment, make sense, possible futures, strategies, monitoring. Or maybe perhaps it wasn’t meant to be that way, but that’s how I saw it. The man communicated those issues in an entertaining way and for that I have to applaud his brilliance in simplifying it for the general audience. Well it’s either him or his speechwriter.

There were four panels and so many speakers and new information.. I’m just.. feeling a bit more appreciative of what’s going on right now. These are some points I picked up from each panel. As I’m writing this, it somehow feels like I’m not doing justice to their sharing.. there was a lot of information shared.. but I’m too mind-lazy to be recollecting everything now:

  • Technology does not always work as expected // Biased culture and Neutral heritage
  • Big data // Collection and communication of data // myResponderApp // OneServiceApp // the Elon Musk and New York Times saga // Quantitative and Qualitative review // Context // User experience // Future Cities Catapult (note to self to explore this. so many good case studies
  • Technology and girls, women // externships // goodnight lamp // responsive environments // Umbrellium (note to self to read this)
  • Hello Lamp Post project // traffic lights. methods and interpretations // empathy // i am a part of this


It also occurred to me that today, when I exited the train, I was on the same train as this guy in white shirt, and we took different ways to ASM.  At ASM E chose a seat that was next to this guy. And I thought to myself “hey, was that the guy at the train?”. Later during tea break, I saw him again and I thought to myself “but i’m sure I saw him before this.” And later when we left ASM, I saw him again and went “wth. i was reading up on this guy last week cos he does some stuff on interactive public space!” i’m so slow in identifying faces i’ve seen once. like that time I first saw I.W at GGBD. two days later i see him at the park and I couldn’t figure out it was him until T joined him and I then associated the two and figured who he was.


D said something about the last moderator and my reply was “No one can beat I.”

I think the bar has been set up high. Heh.


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