8.30am Morning catchup over breakfast  with a fellow youth into the environment and working in an environmental company
9.30am Leave for Office
10.30am Reach Office
5.30pm Leave for Airport
6.30pm Reach Changi Airport
7.50pm Reach Jurong East interchange
8.00pm Bus leaves for Johor
8.30pm Leave Tuas Immigration
8.50pm Leave Johor Immigration and Checkpoint
9.10pm Got off the bus in Johor
9.30pm Bus leaves for Singapore
10.10pm Leave Johor Immigration
10.15pm Leave Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint
10.35pm Reach Jurong East interchange

I know I have random work schedule, but today I went “Shit/Ok/It’s just longer than usual that’s all/ It’s the same distance, but not the same duration spent at JB.” I’m not complaining. I don’t mind running around. Sometimes.

I need proper food.

I had two dinner meetups at Lai Di Fung, this vegetarian restaurant at Park Mall basement, twice over the last seven days. And I conveniently suggested for a next dinner meetup next week to be there too. It’s central. Big. Not too noisy considering the area it’s in. It works.

And then. I lost track of the number of times I’ve gone to Green Dot, another cool vegetarian place that sells delicious vegan Laksa by the way, at their outlets at Paya Lebar Square and Westgate over the last four months whenever I want to have an alone time with my food.

I’m not vegetarian. But. There’s something about sticking to good food places when I find them. That and being comfortable with the familiarity the places and the food has to offer.

God. I’m writing all this while waiting for the bus between JB-SG Checkpoints.

I’m actually quite excited how next week’s work trip is turning out to be. So many pieces to put together.

I think October is going great.

November is going to be awesome.
+ There should be a few more meetings to firm things up for 350sg and SYCCN 2016 plan.
+ The Engineering Good team is sending three teams to the Urgent Run. I’m planning to dress up as a poop. Like a humongous poop.
+ There’s this EU climate change awareness event I’m happy to be a part of. And I’m hoping to eat tons of ice cream too!
+ Shasha’s getting married on the last Sunday. So in the RHG clique, Shasha has joined Hanna. It’s Laysan, Meiqi and I left now.
+ Damien Rice is performing Sunday apparently. That’s the only “What the fish” moment I’m having.
+ I’m leaving Sunday night. I could have left earlier but that would mean I would be a bastard to my good friends.

December is going to be exciting too.
+ 2 weeks of COP with the SYCCN team
+ Roughly 2 weeks of travelling in Paris and London with F. I don’t know. I think it’s the perks of having a young, single, rich lawyer as your best friend. F is booking/ has booked a nice apartment in Paris, Disneyland + stay overnight, a really luxurious hotel in London I can never afford to stay in.

With the things going on in my life right now, I have nothing to complain.

I think there’s a mix of having the privilege of being born in Singapore, living in a country like Singapore, growing up and benefiting from the system, having supportive parents who allowed me to switch courses and do things which, in their eyes, do not bring in the money.

I’m trying to be careful most of the time not to let myself feel I’m entitled to any of these things. I don’t think anyone should.

Which brings me to a related point.

I think this year, with all the news about what’s happening in Palestine and Syria, and just randomly remembering E adopting a child through World Vision I think, it crossed my mind a few times to adopt a child from Palestine and Syria too. There were these feelings that I can change a child’s life somehow. But then chatting to K one day and asking K’s thought on that, K mentioned about being not ready and having the preference to donate to an organisation which can utilise the money effectively. So then this morning it popped in my mind that maybe I should consider making regular contributions to Doctors Without Borders. Perhaps subconsciously the name has been there because of the recent bombings made by the US army. But I don’t know. It just came to mind. Perhaps I should just do that. Contribute to an organisation which is fair and help people who have medical needs. Let them decide how the money is best spent. And I don’t have to deal with the emotional attachment I might have adopting a child I may never meet.

10.35pm. Reach Jurong East interchange.

Good night.


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