+ Today has been quite exciting at work. Emailing people in J, arranging for a work trip, potentially next week. S had wanted B and I to go over and see + learn what we can do there. In my head, I think I am slowly beginning to worry if this is a good idea. Earlier this month S got B to come over from AU to SG and within days we sent him over to KHM. I have this feeling he is not exactly surviving well. And now there is a high chance we are sending him over to J. If one cannot survive KHM, how can one survive a more rural J?

+ The mother had a two months break and resumed her chemo treatment today. I think I lost track, but it was probably two Hari Rayas ago that she got diagnosed. At first it was colon cancer. During that 1st cycle, she was put on 8 sessions of IV drip. Took a break. And in the meantime it spread to the lungs. On the 2nd cycle, she had to have a catheter inserted into her chest and then had 11 sessions. Then she took a two months break. The colon cancer has cleared, but the lung cancer is still there. Physically all I can see is the persistent coughs she has. For this 3rd cycle, she said she will be taking some sort of medicine that will cost $225 (or was it $255) per treatment. I’m not sure what’s the total treatment cost is by now but the parents seem to be managing it thus far.

+ Met F for lunch and saw N again, in a different angle. I think I know now why F gets excited sometimes.  // I think each time I meet up with F for lunch or dinner, I am always in my normal work wear- shirt and jeans, and F will go “Oi! You wear that to work ah?/ Do you not have work today?” and my reply will always be “I wear shirts and jeans to work/ I am not going out today/ I am not meeting anyone outside/ I am not attending any events.” I think I should be given points for being so comfortable in my normal work attire. So far I think I’ve worn a dress three times for work events and that’s it.


+ Managed to get hold of M. And that was so precious.


+ After dinner, C, D and I walked from MBS to Esplanade barefooted! Cos we are free-spirited that’s why 😀 Ok. It was more like D had this awkward cramp on her right foot and C said something about her shoe being a size bigger and I was like, “Ok, so let’s take off our shoes.” Along those lines.

+ We attended this conversations series at ASM. I liked the session. I really liked the facilitator from the first panel. She beautifully connected stories from everyone and put in this cool analogy, I went “Woah. Your brain processes them so fast.” Speaking of which, because I was from a work-related event, D was from somewhere else, and C from her garden.. none of us had lunch before coming, and apparently were too tired to be thinking about questions to ask. Except for D, who did ask one. Even so, we both kinda know it’s not the kind of question she would usually ask. It was slightly amusing.. Hungry girls and non-working brains.

+ S was a speaker at a waste forum that was organised by this group in the financial market community. Each time I go to work-related events, I feel like my brain always go on this download of information that might be on the risk of being forgotten within days. In any case, S helped to connect the dots and that was helpful.




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