Planning for End-of-Year Travelling

I have my dates fixed; 29th Nov, leaving after Shasha’s wedding, and then coming back on 23rd Dec. (I guess I have to say bye-bye to Damien Rice if he performs in SG on 29th instead of 28th. I’m like. I’m not going to HK just cos he’s playing there on 27th. Decisions have to be made).

Yesterday I realised Qatar had one of those “Exclusive offers for flights departing from Singapore- Purchase by 18th Oct and travel between 1st Oct 2015 and 31st Mar 2016” and I thought ‘hey good deal’ – the options I wanted was going for $1447.10.

Today, the same option on Qatar Airways was going for $1398.40. Meanwhile Emirates was about $1800+. So yeah, Qatar Airways!

Flight Dec

+ 30 Nov to 11 Dec for COP21 in Paris, under the NGO hat. But flight being sponsored by the Co. I have yet to settle accommodation.

+ 12 Dec to 18 Dec holiday in Paris, with F, who will be flying in from SG. F booked a hotel room and decided to give me a one-month in advance birthday present- so we will be going to Disneyland too!

+ 18 Dec Train from Paris to London. Haven’t settled this yet.

18 Dec to 23 Dec holiday in London. F is booking an Airbnb apartment.. so accommodation is settled.


Last year, after COP20 in Peru, I did stayback for 2 weeks and backpacked/ scrimped/ bus-ed my way around Lima and Cusco. This time round it feels a bit more luxurious.  I guess my only challenge would be battling the 5 degree temperature in December.


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