Work- I’ve been trying to wrap up all the financial statements from past year. This better end tomorrow.

Volunteer Stuff-

+ 350 Sg: I’ve been slow. Have yet to reply the latest emails.

+ SYCCN: Met up two girls and had two phone calls and just sent out a super long email. In the last chat the person mentioned how do I juggle with all this. And I wanted to say “Oh. I just had a good long mental break. And I have been slow in 350 specific emails.”

+ Engineering Good: I probably have not mentioned it here, but hey! Engineers Without Borders Asia recently changed our entity name and we had our AGM and Annual Dialogue. And now I’m supposed to help out with the claims form and data entry. Did I mention I dislike handling $$? Yup. I have not touched it yet. Ooh. By the way. We are supporting World Toilet Organisation (probably cos of Kep who is working there now too) by sending in 3 teams to participate in Urgent Run. I’m in Team Royal Flush. And then Hannah mentioned we can only have 2 Royal Flushes and not 3 cos 1/3 of the world’s population does not have access to improved sanitation. And she was serious about it.

+ PM Haze: I’ve been helping Yihan on and off ever since he started this. Recently he asked me to formally join the People’s Team and I went surrrreeee.

I probably need to re-prioritise my life again right now.

I mean. I’m ok with the long days I’m having recently because I spend my evenings going out with close friends. But like. Listing down all these items again I’m reminded I’m great when I’m into in, and right now I’m in it. But it’s like I’m risking the start of a burnout kind of thing again. And I don’t have time for needy friends. Haha. I’m turning into M. Cold.

Do I even make sense.

I need to leave the house again in 7 hours time.



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