Went to Kowloon Express at Chinatown Point. It was closed.

Went to Baker’s Oven at the Chinatown Market. It was closed.

Tried to be safe and Googled if Vegenation at Clarke Quay MRT basement would be opened. A few commenters said it was temporarily closed down. And that was a few months back. So I tried my luck and went. I couldn’t even find it.

Just not my luck today..

Nor was it my luck on Sunday. The vulnerable me was scammed almost $300 at Orogold. I hate that shop now I want it closed. They have so many bad reviews online and I’m left wondering why they still exist.

Last Saturday I went to MHC for the Nth time in the week. The days before that was spent with Ag who was in town because she was part of the festival going on. On Saturday though I got down to watching the finished piece and caught three other shows. I think in a way, as always, I have my favourite moments from each piece. It was just entertaining to be an observer, and not just an observer of the plays.

Last Friday I went out for dinner with Faz at Four Fingers. I don’t know why she likes that place so much. I prefer Nene Chicken. Anyhow. It was Friday night and the outlet was packed. And there was only 1 staff helping to clear the tables. Mind you. With the signs near the bin, people ought to have the moral conscious to realise they should be clearing their leftovers after eating. But of course. Some people didn’t. Faz and I cleared our tables. And so did the couple to my left. In came three dickheads who sat on my right. One of them, a guy, stared at the staff and pointed to the table. She had to come over and clear it. I thought “fine” maybe that was part of her job and he had the right to demand she do it. Faz thought it was uncalled for. And then the dickheads continued waiting, as if wanting the girl to come back and wipe the table. Like. Seriously. Did these young adults come from rich families and had maids they ordered around? Or did they, coming from a less developed country, felt entitled to treat a service worker in Singapore to do what they want? I mean. Come on. The outlet was packed and obviously understaffed. I had so much racist/ nationalists comments I kept to myself that night. I hope they chocked on their chicken really.

Last Thursday I was at a talk and this lady sitting in front of Dot kept shifting and flicking her hair. Most of the time I found myself sitting cross legged because I was afraid I would really put up my leg and kick her head.

Last Wednesday Dot and I were also at a talk in which I left feeling unsatisfied because I thought the facilitation for the panel could have been done much better. Aside from that I had much to learn about the content itself.


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