Monday 14 Sept

Returning from the weekend trip. On Sunday, in the bus back to Singapore, there was a tall lanky person sitting in the first single seat. Physically, he reminded me of Damien Rice. I think, that, subconsciously, made me download his BBC session to my phone, and I would be listening to the same old songs for the next few days. Along the way, I downloaded Glen Hansard’s Letterman’s session. And I read again about Damien and Lisa + Glen and Marketa, and I went, “What a sweet couple/ That was so heart-breaking/ I’ll not let that happen to me,” and I’m plugged into their songs most of the time now emo-ing to myself.

Tuesday 15 Sept

I texted an old classmate and told her how I was sitting in front of this other classmate who made me cry during last semester of school. Me. Crying. Over school stuff. That was perhaps the most stupidest thing that could have happened. Anyhow, that was during the morning peak hour, and then I realised we alighted at the same train station, and I was like “Fuck this shit. I’ll continue going to work after peak-hour and avoid this idiot.”

Wednesday 16 Sept.

Was in JB for the day (reminds me I have not done my MACS), left earlier than usual, and had time to catch the last screening of 7 Letters- love letters to Singapore from seven acclaimed local directors.

I had favourite moments in each film:

  • Cinema: The double meaning when the Pontianak sang about losing her child, parallel to SG losing the Malay sinema glorious past.
  • That Girl: The unseen sacrifices. Sometimes we just have to stop being nice to people.
  • The Flame: Gave an insight to what immigrants experience. The stubborn/proud/vulnerable father. The power play between gather and daughter-in-law.
  • Bunga Sayang: Unspoken friendships and Royston’s visual play with songs and bright colours.
  • Pineapple Town: I thought that was a good reminder why certain people have to give up their child. And I found it touching she was honest with her adopted daughter where she came from. The sincerity in finding the birth mother.
  • Parting: Interracial love in the 1940s. The challenges considerations one has to think about.. And it’s still happening now. Quite touching for me cos the actor who played the young Ismail is Ashmi.. Our young actor who died of heart attack. And that was his last project. Left me good memories of him as an actor. He asked the actress “Tanak ikut” (don’t want to follow?).. And I can only imagine what his real life fiancee feel right now. And so apt this film is titled Parting. 
  • Grandma Positioning System: The humour. And this one possibly made the entire theater tear.

I think I felt everything the last 2 hours.

It feels apt now to quote Dick Lee’s song Bunga Sayang, “Bunga sayang, bunga sayang, you are heaven’s own work of art.” 7 Letters is possibly SG’s film directors best work of art.

Thursday 17 Sept

Dot and I went for a social media seminar. I expected something else, but.. we had a good discussion anyway.  Late dinner talks later included chats about my adoration and unwillingness to do certain things at this point.

Friday 18 Sept

Startup Lebanon

Refreshing for the mind to go and learn about Lebanese startup scene.

Refreshing for the mind to learn about “confessionalism”. How probable is this in Singapore?

The population of Lebanon was estimated to be 4,125,247 in July 2010, however no official census has been conducted since 1932 due to the sensitive confessional political balance between Lebanon’s various religious groups. Identifying all Lebanese as ethnically Arab is a widely employed example of panethnicity since in reality, the Lebanese“are descended from many different peoples who have occupied, invaded, or settled this corner of the world, making Lebanon,“a mosaic of closely interrelated cultures. While at first glance, this ethnic, linguistic, religious and denominational diversity might seem to cause civil and political unrest,“for much of Lebanon’s history this multitudinous diversity of religious communities has coexisted with little conflict”.

– Source


Saturday 19 Sept.

I woke up early and had already left the house when I realised ICCS was cancelled. I ended up doing a short walk, from Marang Trail at Harbour Front, to Hort Park, cutting it short so that I can bus down to NUH and meet Becky to collect a sling bag I was getting from her. It’s amazing how many bags she sewed and pottery items she has hand-thrown over the years.

Anyhow, while I was walking along Henderson Waves, I ended up picking up lots of litter. Cans and cigarette butts are normal. But balloons. Balloons make me mad. They are the most unnecessary item you can have at a party. And I’m talking birthday celebrations and general events. People should just stop producing balloons.

In the afternoon I went for PM.Haze’s Open House. Generally a good discussion. It’s nice to see how Yihan is building up his organisation and his team the last 1.5 years. And it’s nice to see how excited people were when we were figuring out the immediate action we can do to increase visibility for This haze during the F1 period is really an opportune time to highlight the issue.

Sunday 20 Sept.

Went for two talks organised by Artefacts. One was on the divorce between man and nature in Singapore, and the other was on the changing landscape. Aside from the environmental learning points, I thought it was “honest” (not sure if it was the right word for it) for Lucy to disclose she lost her PR status because of her non-environmental activism work. I looked up her name after the talk and figured out what that would be. And then the reminder that some of our academics left our institutions because of the restrictions imposed on them. These things are real. It is still happening. And so are the existence of carboard collectors. And trishaw uncles who have to push up passengers heavier than them up the slopes of SG roads.

Should there not be more trust and graciousness in our society?


I was Googling Damien Rice + Glen Hansard’s tour dates, hoping they would perform in Paris/ London end of the year, and then I found out Damien will be one of the acts at Neon Lights in Singapore 28/29 Nov. And I’m like.. “Wow that’s fantastic!” Just fantastic. My best friend’s wedding is on 29 Nov, I’m planning to leave SG on 29 Nov, and for the love of music, Damien, please perform on 28 Nov.”


Today marks the 3rd month of a new work chapter.

Today also marks the 1 month of the point no return. When I give up, I give up. It’s not like I didn’t try the last four years.

Monday 21 Sept.

A tagged a photo of me at PSM2015, and I sent him back a collage of me at PSM 2014 and 2013. I said my (a) hairstyle changed and i (b) grew fatter.. and he said “keep fit.” Gahhhh.

Also. Walking around this weekend was a good reminder that my right ankle is in a bad shape. I think there was a period of time about 10 years ago that I had a series of sprained ankle. It got to the point where I decided to stop running long distance and switched to x-adventure club when I was in junior college, and later soccer in uni.. (where I had to learn to kick with my left leg because the right was weaker). And now I can’t walk too much without feeling the ache on the right ankle. No excuse for not keeping fit, but hey, all someone needs to do is swipe me down there and I’m down on the ground.


It’s past 1am. And I might have already done something I might regret.


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