So I did make it to GD yesterday, reaching slightly before 7pm.

I think overall it was a nice short session. Yes, there were the usual conversations on topics I have heard before.. But I think the whole open facilitation process and having a visual recorder and scribe helped made it more meaningful. Personally for me, that session left me thinking of how we can make green issues more mainstream. I guess we need much more work for that.

Going home with CH later, and finding out he lives just two blocks away from me (I’ve been in the neighbourhood the last 15 years, CH the last 5 years), made me realise how much I don’t know about the people who live in my neighbourhood. I mean.. I always see CH at PM Haze and GUI events but I didn’t realise he’s just here, next door. CH brought me to this tall big tree next to the fitness corner at the end of my block, a tree which I avoid passing because it looks like something else at night, and showed me the aloe vera and lime tree he planted down there, and I was like “Woah, I never knew there were smaller plants here too!”

On the way to work today, I was approached by an SMRT staff who invited me to be part of her choir group. I was just in my own world listening to the radio and didn’t expect that. I don’t even know what she saw in me lol. She shared they mostly sing Malay songs at wedding and CC events and asked if my interested to join in the rehearsal this Sunday, to practice for next weekend’s event. I won’t be in SG next weekend.. But hell yeah I’ll join in this Sunday to see how it’s like! Hehe.


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