(Lack) of Blood donation

Last Donation Date 17/10/2008
Total Number of Donation as of Today 5
Last 3 Donation Donation Type
17/10/2008 Whole Blood
09/07/2008 Whole Blood
18/04/2008 Whole Blood

Oh wow. Has it been that long?

This means my last donation was during University Year 1, and tracking back it means I started donating Junior College Year 2.

It’s like I’m suffering from a short term memory loss and I’m asking myself why I haven’t donated blood the last 7 years.


Update 7.40pm

Went for my 6th blood donation just now.. The last one being 17 Oct 2008. I don’t really have a good reason why I haven’t been donating the last 7 years. Anyhow, if you live in the west, I recommend you donate during evening time. Watching the sun set from the 10th floor of Westgate Tower and donating blood at the same time felt nice.


68bpm, 110/72mmHG, 13.3Hgb


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