Skimming through the passport and it seems I’ve made (3+4+5) = 12 trips to JB the last 8 weeks (40 working days)(0.3 of the time in JB is alright I think). Today is the 13th trip. And also perhaps a sign for me to go an apply for MACS before I waste anymore precious passport pages.

I get slightly annoyed when I see someone’s back tattooed with a small design. I go “What a waste of space” and start to imagine one large piece of drawing on his/ her back.

Sometimes I run the risk of turning this website into an emo-dumping ground. I have a number of things I am thankful for but I’d rather keep those things to myself or bring it up with closer friends.

I saw someone reading off a paper recently and it reminded me what some friends said about the person during a previous event. They said it was unexpectedly boring. I had to face the person less than 10 mins. My friends about 60-90. I can only imagine their disappointment back then. Two learning points for me there: 1) Always know your shit and speak confidently about it. 2) Be that person whom people can say “God. That was some great info you had back there!”

I saw someone who reminded me of Kevin. The slight animations when he speaks. The enthusiastic claps. The wide smile. The eyes. The touch of bold colours to the entire outfit. I first saw Kelvin July 2013 in Istanbul and then Dec 2014 in Peru. I’m not sure when I’ll get to enjoy those theatrical antics anymore. But hey. It’s Aug 2015 and there’s a new face I can go “oh-man-you’re-so-adorable!”

Yesterday I attended an event and asked a question which got the most number or votes. Ha. Ha. Ha..  And I think only 1 of the panelists understood what I meant and answered it. S commented and mentioned crowfunding. J clarified, and asked from co-operative context. And I sat there thinking “Why are these men so focused on private-govt cooperation? We can do so much more with community collaborations!” But yeah I guess cos it was a “business” dialogue -_-”

Ready for weekend!


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