Last minute decision to go to KL by bus horror story

Used Easybook yesterday afternoon and chose a 7.17am Billion Stars bus that departs Golden Mile Complex for today. Arrived at Transtar Travel agency around 6.30am. Saw there was a huge crowd outside the shop. Apparently the Billion Stars table was not set up yet. Someone came in around 6.40am. With no queueing system formed, they started called out bus timings.. “6.45 6.46 6.48” .. At 7.22 they were calling out for the 7.00 bus. In the meantime I went online and found lots of negative reviews about Billion Stars. The punctuality issues, the rude staff, the messed up seating system. True enough around 7.30 some dude supposedly in charge of buses came to the makeshift counter and started shouting at the crowd “There’s 7 buses down there all going KL, free seating, just go down.” I think half the crowd, including my mum and I went down to just take a seat, although we supposedly have an assigned bus and assigned seats. We followed the crowd and got into the VIP seating bus. Around 8am someone came in to check tickets and the few of us who bought regular seating bus got chased out. Upon finding another bus down the road, we sat in. A family of 9 boarded the bus and delayed our departure because half of them decided to go to the toilet. We left Golden Mile Complex around 8.55am. Went westwards to Tuas. Probably reached the bus terminal outside SG CIQ by 9.30am. And like for the last 1 hr and 45 mins, it felt like the buses along the road stood still. My bus driver rummaged through the rubbish bin, emptied a bottled and peed in there. Later on a Cisco guy whom I assumed was tasked to monitor the situation outside the SG CIQ saw the act and pointed he could have used the toilet at the bus terminal. People went out to use that toilet. People went out to take pictures of the long jam. Mum overhead the Cisco guy said there’s jam at the Johor side. In my head, and with reference to the fact I commute to JB half the time, it must be that their officers are taking their own sweet time to chop the passports and cannot handle the volume of people passing through today. It’s going to be 11.30am now and the bus is like eons away from the SG Departure Hall. I’m supposed to be halfway up to KL right now. Thank God I had decided to fly back home tomorrow night. Grrrr.

(It takes about 45 mins to go from one end of Singapore to another and like another 10 mins to pass through immigration to get to Johor. The fact that we were “delayed/stuck” at so many points just infuriates me.)

Update 11.45am. The SG CIQ Departure Hall was very empty. Stupid scan machine didn’t work for the line beside me. And then it didn’t work for my line. And after I put my thumbprint on there the message “Please see the Duty Officer…” came out. I tried telling that the officer walking in front of the machines and all he did was rubbed his fingers. Apparently he was trying to tell me I have a problem with my thumbprint. Stupid shit or what. I can read what the screen says and it’s not about my thumbprint. His female colleague at the back whom I assumed saw from her control computer what’s happening let me through. Urgh.


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