What a roller coaster ride the past four months has been.. That is slowing down to a halt. Soon. I can’t wait to get off.

I think what best sums up the entire journey is what Siang Yu had commented on one of the pictures: Well done, a team that has fun and helps one another out in (countless) times of crisis.

Team. Teamwork. Trust. Transparency. Tenacity.

All the T values which has been so significant and important to me.

On Monday, Mark and I went to the airport to catch up with Adrian and to send A back to Kuala Lumpur. On the way back to town where we had another (missed) meeting, M and I chanced upon an elderly Caucasian couple, Kevin and Kari. They were passing through Singapore and on their way for a holiday in Finland. Apparently Kevin had been travelling around a lot, on ships, with young men. I suspect he is an old Navy boy. Chatting with them, I found out Kevin is an Australian, whose last time in Singapore was 50 years ago. His wife, Kari, is a Norwegian, whom he had met eons ago. Kari told me Kevin was in Norway back then; They fell in love, she followed him and they travelled by ship from Norway to England and down to Australia. “I would have followed him to the moon” she said.

I was back in Johor again yesterday. On my return trip, I had Adin, one of the two taxi drivers I was comfortable with to come pick me up. Long story short, 50 metres into the end of my journey, he stopped the cab to pick up an Indonesian looking construction worker. Initially I got the “What the hell are you doing?” thought. I thought Adin was being unprofessional. But then I remember earlier in the morning when I was in the bus coming in, the Indian bus driver had also stopped in the middle of this long stretch of road and picked up two Bangladeshi looking people and he didn’t take any money from them. The place I go to has a number of foreign workers and at times like this, when they want to go out into the city or somewhere else for that matter, it’s nice to see bus drivers and taxi drivers just stop and offering them a drive.


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