It’s like 2011/2012 again. This time with 10x the drama and manipulation.

Obviously there’s a good reason why no one stayed on.

Obviously there’s a “good reason” why the “team” changes every year.

I posted as a Facebook status “What’s a Captain without a crew” as one of my emo-cryptic messages. Angus replied something and I said something and I pointed out he’s saying that from a subjective angle. And here I was questioning everything from a deontological perspective. For a person who takes her time to get to know people and associating a person’s character with the sincerity of the thought and actions, I take intentions and motivations seriously. Sometimes too seriously I take things to heart. If a consequentialist gets so focused on the end result, taking advantage of people all the time, of course I’ll get pissed off. Wouldn’t anyone?


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