What defines a person’s character?

How hard is it to form our opinion about a person based on what we know about them or what we hear about them?

Do we judge the person based on what they do now, what they did in the past.. how do we judge a person’s character based on a spectrum of emotions, both up and down?


What is integrity? What is honesty? What is it about having strong moral principles that should be encouraged?

How does one express integrity? How does one measure integrity?


Trust is granted. By default. One does not have to earn trust.

Or so some say.

To Build. To Break. To Repair.

You can’t keep repairing they say. The fault lines are already there.

– – – –

Repeat Mode On

The sales person does what he does best.

He talks, waxing lyricals.

Ask the tough questions and all you get is:

Oh. Did I already not say that?

Do you mean you don’t understand?

Let me share again.

– – – –

The Grey Area.

When an entity engages an individual and not his organisation, it should be clear that the working relationship is between the entity and the individual.

If an opportunity arises due to the working relationship of the entity and the individual, it should also be clear that the opportunity should be redirected or shared with the entity, and not the individual’s organisation. The individual should not have the privilege of self-proclaimed opportunity to his individual’s organisation.

– – – –

Little Black Book

A record of all the things not so nice.

A list of realisation points.

A narrative that is calling for an end.







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