Facebook Friends

According to Facebook, as of 28th May 2015, I have 1810 friends.

I spent the last 2 hours looking through the list and listed a group of friends I met at different (mostly) environment events;

  • World Leadership Conference 2011 in Singapore
  • East Asia Climate Leadership Workshop 2012 in Bogor, Indonesia
  • Global Power Shift 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Power Shift Malaysia 2013 in Selangor, Malaysia
  • Singapore Power Shift 2014 in Singapore
  • Power Shift Malaysia 2014 in Penang, Malaysia
  • UNFCCC COP21 in Lima, Peru
  • ASEAN Young Professional Volunteer Corps in Yangon, Myanmar
  • Southeast Asia Beyond 2015 in Singapore
  • International Workshop on Climate Change in Melaka, Malaysia

From this Excel Sheet, I can see in total, I have added or accepted friend requests from over 200 people from these 10 events the last 5 years. If it is within my capacity, I would have looked through everything and listed their organisations and affiliations too.

In my heart I want to connect all those from Nepal, largely because of recent events.

I also feel the urge to connect all those Indonesian kids- Indonesia is so huge and so many of them are interested in environmental issues and don’t really know each other. A random friend I met through Couchsurfing called me today and said her friends will be coming next week to meet me to find out more about 350, and she and a group of friends will be coming to July for ASEAN Power Shift. And I’m like.. “Sure” followed by a “I wish I have money to spend like that too.”

Anyhow, I’m not sure if I said this before, but one of the main reasons I deleted about 200 album off Facebook and transferred some to Flickr, was because the latter is so much more organised.

Now.. if only there’s a way to organise “Friends” on Facebook too. And no, using the “List” function is not enough for me.

I mean really.. How does one keep track and keep updated with all these things?


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