Packing for four days in Melaka

Packing for a flight in 7 hours time. I have a 30kg baggage allowance. Pretty sure this will be less than 7kg.


Top row, From left to right-

  • Pink mesh bag- 3 tops + 1 black pants, 1 black blazer, 1 traditional costume that can pass off as formal attire.
  • Pink mesh bag- 1 regular pants, 1 track pants, 1 short, 2 plain t-shirts and 1 shirt with 350 Singapore logo.
  • Pink mesh bag- my wonderful women wear.
  • A bag of socks. Which I’m pretty sure I won’t be using. Unless..
  • My hiking back which has traveled with me since June 2013. The bear which was attached to it got lost somewhere.. in Brazil, I think. J borrowed it earlier this month when she went Nepal for her relief mission. I found 2 bras in my bag. Last December, I found a black thong- which belonged to another J. I’m like.. this bag is a womaniser.

Bottom row, From right to left-

  • Blue laundry bag and White tote bag.
  • Laptop sleeve, documents, passport and wallet.
  • Pink mesh bag- electronics
  • Pink mesh bag- random stuff. Like notebook and pencil case containing pens and highlighters I don’t think I’ll be using.
  • Blue bag- toiletries
  • White bag with prints- containing a gift. that I should pass on.

Things I have yet to pack-

  • This laptop, its charger and the orange mouse.
  • Earpiece.. if I can find one.
  • Black flats.
  • Slippers.

And then later I’ll be in the NYC shirt, jeans and sports shoes.

Of all things I cannot find, I couldn’t find my box of name cards.

I think this should be it. It’s a short trip.

I’m still not sure if I should get a SIM card once I get to KL. I still have the SIM card from last October.. although I’m not sure if it’s still valid.

Once I get to Melaka, I want to try their Chicken Rice Ball, Chendol and visit Jonker Street.

– –

Tonight I attended the exco meeting. It’s just… sorta inspiring a bit for me. Well more like it kinda reaffirms certain things for me. Perhaps that’s for another blog post some other day.





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