Some of the things I’m doing in 2015

In other news..

22 April, Wednesday..

I’ll be part of the panel for “Earth Day Screening of Chasing Ice, followed by Panel Discussion” organised by the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network. Details of event, info on the other panelists and registration here. Thanks to Wilson Ang of Eco Singapore for the recommendation.

The 75-minute screening will be followed by a panel discussion made up of various representatives from health, environmental and conservation groups, government, and the private sector who will discuss the social, environmental and economic impact of climate change on Singapore. Do we believe that Singapore is well protected from climate change? If not, what can we do to reduce the impact? If so, what are the factors that make it resilient? What risks remain, and what can we do to mitigate these risks? We will also discuss what role Singapore can play in supporting its neighbours and surrounding environment and the resources we could bring.

21-24 May, Thursday to Monday..

I’ll be participating in the ‘International Workshop on Climate Change “Youth Action on Climate Change”’ organised by World Youth Foundation. Thanks to the recommendation by Olivia Choong of Green Drinks Singapore and the nomination by National Youth Council Singapore.

The programme looks very packed to be honest. And the topics look technical. What I’m looking forward to is the Youth Action Plan component, as well as networking with the other participants, considering we are now preparing for ASEAN Power Shift in July.

And probably for the rest of 2015

On a related note.. a few of us who have organised Power Shifts before this.. Liang Yi (Taiwan), Zeph and Erin (Philippines) and Hong (Vietnam) as well as Wilson and Juls had a Skype call. And we were talking about how the ASEAN one happening in Singapore in July and the Asian one happening in India in September, should be a complementary effort towards equipping Asian youths with skills and knowledge towards COP21 in Paris this year. I personally want things to be more coordinated.


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